This is How to Respond When People Ask You to Work for Free

By Rob Wood (Admin) / November 6, 2015

Among photographers, the idea of working for “exposure” (i.e.. for free) is a hot button topic. It seems that every other week there's an example of somebody being asked to shoot for free for some multi-million dollar company or other. Take heart though, as it seems this is not just a problem we in the photography industry deal with.

This fantastic two and a half minute video from ad agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo has been getting a lot of attention recently. In it, an actor asks several professionals (not actors) to work “on spec” which is the ad industry's equivalent of working for free.

The reactions are hilarious and something that many photographers will appreciate.

This is an important issue for all creatives, so take a moment to go and check out No Spec – the site set up by the ad agency to educate people on the intricacies of the “work for free” problems in the creative industry. Well worth a read.

Via Adweek and Petapixel.


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