Traffic Camera Catches Cheating Husband After Photo Mailed to Wife


No one wants to get a traffic ticket, especially if you’re not the person that the law thinks committed the act in the first place.

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Photo by Miles Loewen

But that’s the situation that one German woman found herself in after she received a letter from the government telling her that she had broken the speed limit and needed to pay a fine. As proof, they attached a photo of her speeding down the road in her husband’s company car.

The only problem with this entire scenario is that the woman charged doesn’t even have a driver’s license and, probably most important of all, the woman in the evidence photo looked nothing like her. Third, taking these two things into account, the woman was then forced to reckon with some hard truths as far as her marriage was concerned.

According to Bild, the husband confessed to cheating on his wife but that didn’t absolve her from having to make a court appearance to defend her good name. Once there, she convinced the judge that it wasn’t her in the photograph and the legal system agreed. No word currently on what happened with the marriage, but we’d say things are probably about as good as they can be after being falsely accused of being your husband’s mistress speeding down the road.

The whole thing does bring into question the nature of privacy, particularly when in a public place. Some people think traffic cameras shouldn’t be allowed to take pictures of the occupants of a vehicle without their knowledge, others think this is just fine since, naturally, you have to be on a public road to get your picture taken in the first place.

Where do you stand on the traffic camera/privacy debate? Do you think traffic cameras unnecessarily invade someone’s privacy when they take a photo of that person possibly violating traffic laws or do you think it is fair game since they are out in public? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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