17 Funky Urban Images


Rural areas are being eaten alive by sprawling urban communities.  Each of these urban environments exemplify their own characteristics, featured here in these 17 funky urban images. With most of us living in an urban environment, it goes to show that there is always something worth photographing and that a talented photographer can find beautiful subjects practically anywhere. Don't forget to check out our urban decay photo collection too!

net worth

Photo by mugley

Planet -  Jones Valley Urban Farm

Photo by Southernpixel

Gare du Nord

Photo by Gregory Bastien


Photo by mugley

i canali di bologna. emilia romagna, italia, italy

Photo by Paolo Màrgari

variation 12

Photo by [phil h]

Rotoscope ahmedabad old city

Photo by orange tuesday

Photo by Ike louie Natividad

Vancouver Public Library Interior

Photo by ecstaticist


Photo by Okinawa Soba

Piano Squat

Photo by ljcybergal

The bus stop at the end of the universe

Photo by Bright Tal

Un trou pour le cadeau...

Photo by reflets de vert

into the bubble

Photo by [phil h]

Photo by BombDog

Photo by shapeshift

Photo by Adriana Calvo

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I love these photos! I think the black and white one is taken in New Zealand or Australia? Its up on my blog coz I love it so much 🙂

love this set, very cool. My favorite was the the one with the piano outside. I like the colors and the decay textures of the subjects.

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