Video of Prince William Confronting Paparazzi Goes Viral


After yesterday’s story of a copyright violation, we bring you today a violation of a different sort.

white concrete building near green grass field under white sky during daytime
The palace with green field spreading out before it. Photo by Hailey Wagner

A recent video of Prince William of the United Kingdom confronting a paparazzi is going viral and, as you can expect, it has everything to do with an invasion of privacy.

It’s quite an emotionally charged video and it’s making headlines probably because many viewers can relate to the Prince’s concerns for his family’s welfare.

Accusing the photographer of stalking his family the Prince near their country home. It’s turned into such a sensation that Cosmopolitan reports that Kensington Palace officials are requesting that YouTube remove access to it.

You can view it for now over on YouTube at this link.

All of this recalls Prince William’s late mother’s relationship with the paparazzi which was never a peaceful coexistence, to put it mildly.

Of course, the video is making headlines across the UK and recalls debates many have had about the press and their intrusive behavior when it comes to the lives of notable people such as the Cambridges.

But not everyone thinks it is real, underlining the kind of brave new world we all live in now as far as deep fakes are concerned. The Morning Show investigated this very claim and you can view that piece here.

Naturally, one would then have to ask whether or not palace officials are requesting that a deep fake be removed or something genuine although, again, the cohort claiming this is all due to technological hocus pocus is quite small albeit vocal nonetheless.

What do you think? Deep fake or very real outrage on the part of Prince William?

As usual, we’d love to know what thoughts you might have on Prince William’s confrontation with the paparazzi photographer in the comments below.

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