Walmart Sold DJI Inspire 2 and Spark Drones for $17.99 – Accessories and Everything!


Some people get really lucky in the online shopping lottery, and it seems some drone fans got a huge deal from Walmart when the company’s website accidentally listed the hugely popular – and pretty expensive – DJI Inspire 2 and Spark drones for $USD 17.99.

Emrah AYVALI from Pexels.

This price even included the accessories for the drones. That’s quite a steal for a package that typically runs $USD 559.

As FStoppers reports, buyers who chanced upon this deal haven’t heard anything from Walmart about a pricing error or an order cancellation. Many people are pointing out that Walmart is pretty good for honoring its pricing mistakes and thus they are pretty confident that the people who ordered these kits for such a massive discount will get them.

In addition to the DJI packages, the retailer also had Leica and Sony cameras for sale for anywhere from $USD 24.99 to $USD 42.99 while they normally retail for thousands of dollars. The vendor on the Walmart website is listed as one eCom Electronics and savvy shoppers have scoured the website for other deals from the vendor. We think that might throw a wrench into plans to receive the products at the discounted price as the vendor might not be supplying Walmart directly but merely selling on the site.

You can check out a screen cap of the sale by clicking here

To this end, DPReview points out that eCom Electronics has a Better Business Bureau rating of C which isn’t the best.

What do you think? Will people end up getting what they ordered or do you think eCom Electronics has an out in this instance? Let us know in the comments below.

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My 6x DJI Inspire 2 order was cancelled today (08/20/2019), and so were a handful of other peoples’ orders on a drone pilots Facebook group…so close!

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