Want to Chat with Beethoven? This AI Tool Can Make That Happen


Perhaps there is a historical figure with whom you would like to chat?

white neon light signage on wall
White neon light signage on wall showing dialogue box. Photo by Jason Leung

Or maybe a deceased relative, an imaginary character, or even a pet?

If you can imagine it, Xpression Chat can make it happen via the magic of artificial intelligence.

Longtime readers might notice that this concept is similar to the South Korean service we discussed some time back that allowed people to interact with holograms of dead relatives.

This, however, is a full-fledged chat service that lets users talk to anyone, real or imaginary, as long as they have a face, Xpression Chat explains.

From the website discussing the service:

“Xpression camera is an award winning virtual camera app which allows users to instantly transform into anyone or anything with a face with a single photo in real-time. xpression camera works on any video chatting or live streaming platform, including Zoom, Twitch, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, and YouTube.”

Available for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones, the chat app seeks to carve out a niche occupied by everyone from Snapchat with their AI chatbot to DALL-E, the generative AI that has taken the art world by storm.

Similar to other technologies we have discussed, Xpression Chat animates the photograph in question and generates a personality to accompany it. It’s a mixture of surreal and intriguing all at the same time. Also, being in an app format, it serves as a reminder of just how far (and how fast) AI has advanced from a watercooler conversation starter to a real, tangible aspect of daily life.

Check out a video over on YouTube explaining the whole thing at this link.

What are your opinions of Xpression Chat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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