When Too Much Photography is Barely Enough: 126 Amazing Links


It has been one of the most active weeks this year in the wide world of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been very busy finding the best tutorials, photography and interesting blogs to share with our readers.  This comprehensive list of links is full of diverse and wonderful work to peruse and enjoy.  We sincerely hope you enjoy all the wonderful images and posts as much as the Toad did in bringing this weeks list to you.


by Brînzei, on Flickr

Check out the Toad’s popular post “Detour Ahead” on their slightly whimsical photo blog, and an extensive gallery of images is posted on their Canadian Fine Art and Landscape Photography site.


How to Print HDR Photographs — Printing Tips — Prints That Really Pop – a completely comprehensive guide to final printing of images, with an eye toward HDR photography.  Very detailed, including a series of screenshots and examples, this article is guaranteed to teach you tips and tricks on how to most effectively perform this activity.  Well worth the time to read, this is a totally awesome article.

Using Symmetry in Photography – a great tutorial that discusses the use and employment of symmetry in photography.  This post includes some great example images, producing a complete article that is sure to shed some light on this practice and style of photography.

Boudoir Part 4: Implied Nude – Erik Kerstenbeck really delivers a compelling background story on this style of photography.  More centric around the history of this style with some technical tips and cues, this piece is sure to teach everyone a little something about this truly incredible photographic style.

Boudoir Part 5: Different Perspectives – a continuation from the above link, Erik Kerstenbeck shares some more really great tips and tricks for this particular style of photography.  This is a great series of posts that deliver a lot of information about applying this genre of imagery.

Making Your Images Pop – Through Choice Of Lens – a short but very helpful post outlining a set of tips and tricks to get the most out of your photography.  This list is comprised of some simple points to follow, all of which help to achieve the desired effect.

Use Fake Rain for Intense Action Shots – a behind-the-scenes video of a photo-shoot for a famous magazine shows how fake rain was created and used in this shoot to create the desired end-effect.

Photo Food Tags: A Thanksgiving DIY Project – just in time for Thanksgiving in the US, this wonderful blog post provides an in-depth guide on creating unique food tags for the dinner offerings.  A wonderful idea, this article really takes the reader through the entire process.

The Best Way to Learn Wedding Photography – striving or desiring to be the best wedding photographer you can be?  This fabulous article outlines some key steps to ensure success in this realm of photography related services.


Learning to See (space) – Part 6 – Tom Dinning (who is a regular contributor here at Light Stalking: @tomdinning) delivers another absolutely profound piece in his latest running series.  Exquisite photography provides the foundation for this new article, and is accompanied by a truly incredible article that discusses the artistic interest in space.  This new article is guaranteed to make you pause and think deeply about the world we live in, and as photographers how and what we capture.  This post is guaranteed to leave you with a new sense of our surroundings and we wholeheartedly encourage everyone to pop over for a read.

Show Your Fall Color – right here on the Light Stalking forums resides this wonderful thread full of Autumn color!  Great shots from many of our active members grace this page, a wonderful post well worth the time to visit and check out!

Sun Devil Stadium – absolutely picture-perfect, this photograph from the studio of Scott Wood delivers a powerful and dramatic night-shot of a fireworks display over a stadium.  The facility itself is crystal-clear in this image, and the colors and details of the fireworks display really showcase Scott’s abilities as a photographer to capture challenging subjects.  Well done.

Hugh O’Neill Building – a wonderful architectural study done by Mark Garbowski really showcases this iconic building.  A very complex method was used to capture and process this image, producing a striking and strong photograph sure to delight the historically significant architectural fan in us all.

Big Box Stores Hide Historic Ranch House – a stunning and breathtaking shot of an old, weathered house on a hillside in California produces a striking and compelling image.  Renée M. Besta really delivers the goods in this shot, full of incredible textures and details to enjoy, all punctuated by the raw drama of a stormy sky producing a striking overdrop to the entire scene.

Ha’penny Bridge – an incredible photograph of a bridge in Dublin.  Fabulous details and a truly mesmerizing reflection await the viewer in this beautiful image of an iconic bridge.

The Red Light, Toronto – a wonderful image of light at nighttime from Ren Bostelaar creates a dramatic and compelling scene to enjoy.  Warm tones are punctuated by great framing to produce a great photograph in this shot.

Hallowed Ground – a dark and slightly moody piece from the studio of Chris Frailey delivers a mysterious image, sure to delight and amaze all who view it.  Taken in the forest in the early morning as the sun rises, this shot is accented by a venerable fog and is exquisitely processed in black and white to bring all the emotion out.

Rules – rules are followed and ignored all the time, and in this incredible photo Mike Victorino shares a distinct image that does indeed follow those rules.  A wonderful S curve is captured and shared through the wonderful composition of a railroad track that almost looks like a ribbon making it’s way through the landscape.

Lighthouse Bedroom – I have to admit, this running series from Steve Beal the last few days has been a true highlight for me, personally.  I am a huge fan of photography involving heritage architecture and artifacts, and this lighthouse has this going on in fine manner!  Fabulous textures and details are all captured in this great shot, producing a work that is sure to amaze everyone who pops over for a view.

Trash and Vaudeville – when I think of downtown New York at night, these are the exact sort of scenes that come to mind.  Mark Garbowski captures and shares another absolutely incredible photo of a storefront in the city, with fabulous details and textures, creating a truly unique piece.

Avenue of Oaks – the ability to share a story and emotion in a single glance is a key piece of what makes photography so compelling, and in this shot Anne McKinnell delivers a perfect example of that.  My heart stopped cold when I read the words that accompany this absolutely incredible image and understood the deeper meaning behind it all.  Well worth the time to visit, this post is sure to captivate the mind of all who visit.

The Drift – a simply composed image that produces a really compelling piece from the studio of Rob Hanson.  His kayak forms the subject in this shot, and his spot-on composition and wonderful depth of focus further adds a ton of interest to this great image.  Well worth the time to see, to say the least.

Mallard in Duck Grass – a wonderful image with an awesome shadow and general lighting produces a truly great piece to enjoy.  Aaron Barlow captures and shares a great wildlife photo processed in black-and-white to really accent the gentle lighting; an image well worth the time to visit and enjoy!

The Moon Lights Up My World – wow, this is absolutely amazing.  A long exposure black-and-white shot from the top of the Empire State Building creates a strong and dramatic image of the city at night, straight from the studio of Edin Chavez.

The Brooklyn Bridge – we’ve all seen photos of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, but some photographers still have the ability to create compelling and unique pieces using it as a prime subject.  Mike Olbinski captures and shares one such example of imagery, processed in black-and-white to bring all the drama of the scene out.

Fragments of Purity – I just love this shot, there’s something dramatic and compelling in it’s simplicity and beauty.  Gareth Glynn Ash captures and produces a landscape photograph sure to delight and amaze everyone who drops over for a view.

Desert Strikes – great lightning photography can produce electrifying results, and Chris Frailey produces one such piece.  A dramatic sky pours down upon the desert and in the distance a powerful and commanding lightning bolt makes it’s way to earth in the blink of an eye.  A great image, sure to delight and amaze everyone who visits.

West Park Asylum – Frail and Bedazzled – a moody and highly dramatic piece, straight from the studio of Mark Blundell.  Taken inside an abandoned Asylum’s cell, the wonderful natural lighting from the small window in the corner really creates some compelling shadows and lighting, accenting the dark and dramatic sense of the scene.  Absolutely well worth the time to visit, this is a must-see shot for the week.


unexpected satisfaction by ros k @ getfunky_paris, on Flickr

Little Stoney Creek – waterfalls can make for great photo subjects inasmuch as they can produce a strong juxtaposition for the surrounding landscape.  In this picture, Curt Fleenor delivers just this with a truly beautiful image that is a wonder to behold.

Beer Label Friday Week 46 – another image from the weekly post by Chris Nitz of a beer label.  Great textures and details await the viewer in this compelling shot, and in many cases I am pretty sure a lot of us have one foot out the door, heading to find a purveyor of some of these fine, fine suds.

Flower Power – wow, seriously, this is beyond description.  A great pair of photographs from the studio of Edith Levy showcases and shares a scene that most of us will never, ever see.  A car forms the foundation of a planter in the middle of the city; yes, you read that right.  As Edith points out, sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words and this is a great example of this.

Back In Black! – get your motor runnin’ with this great shot from the studio of Michael Glover!  I love cars, and ones intended to go fast really speak to my heart.  This is a great photograph taken at a car show of a pitch black VW bug that is highly customized.  Great details are evident throughout the frame as Michael captures and processes a great HDR shot of this iconic car.

Waltham – Mr. Subtle, also known in wider circles as Bob Lussier, captures and delivers a truly compelling macro shot of a family heirloom watch.  Great details, and a truly exquisite depth of focus, converge in this image to produce something that is sure to mesmerize all who view it.

Still Motion – slightly abstract in nature, this gorgeous landscape photo produces a strong and dramatic ocean scene.  Straight from the studio of Steven Perlmutter. this shot is guaranteed to captivate the viewer, making it a picture well worth the time to pop over to view.

Happens All The Time ‘Round Here – another incredible, thought-provoking and profound image from Rob Hanson produces a piece sure to make everyone stop and think.  Often in a great photo, it’s not just what is evident and visible in the picture that makes it, sometimes it’s what’s left to the imagination of the viewer that produces the biggest impact.  This is a great example of this.

No Fence Allowed On Bicycle – profound and utterly fascinating are some of the words that leap to my mind when I take in this great shot from the studio of Mark Garbowski.  Mark is a top drawer photographer and truly wonderful friend with the incredible ability to express himself in the most wonderful of ways through both his words and his lens.  This shot and accompanying blog post are absolutely great examples of this, producing a post that is truly well worth the time to visit.

The Magic of Night Photography – a really great night shot taken in a city street straight from the studio of CJ Schmit.  CJ specializes and focuses on black-and-white photography and this picture is a great example of the drama he produces in his fabulous images.  The blog post that wraps this image also serves to give some insight into the act of nighttime photography, producing a truly thought-provoking piece.

Green Heron – Jay Taylor produces some of the very best wildlife photography I’ve seen, and this shot posted here is a prime example of this work.  An exquisitely composed photo of this beautiful bird is accented by the wonderful depth of focus Jay used in capturing and delivering this compelling piece.

A Cloud Over Rio, Brazil – this is an image that is sure to take your breath away.  A cloud formation creates the most amazing illusion high atop a place in Brazil.  Rupesh Nandy captures and delivers a truly compelling piece, sure to amaze and delight all who visit.


by winnu, on Flickr

Film Friday – a truly great series of images captured on film by Irmgard Hartmann.  This set contains a series of landscape and macro shots using standard film, producing a truly compelling series that showcases the unique benefits and style of using film as a medium.

The Dragon – a breathtaking and absolutely stunning photograph of the Himalaya mountain range.  Incredible natural light paints the sharp range in the distance, producing a perfect subject for a truly dramatic black-and-white image.  Wonderfully composed and incredibly processed, this is one of the most striking and powerful images posted this week.

Landscape – a truly beautiful landscape photo from the studio of Helene Kobelnyk.  Slightly abstract in nature, and fully incredible, this image is absolutely top drawer and well worth a visit to see.

Edge of the Rim – a fabulous landscape photograph by Jay Taylor really shows the beauty and grandeur of the Grand Canyon.  Great colors and details await the viewer with this incredible photo.

Reflective Moments – a stunning, stunning reflection awaits the viewer with this set of awesome shots by Jimi Jones.  Two distinct versions of the images posted are presented, showcasing Jimi’s ability both behind the lens as well as with his post-processing work.

Boathouse Reflections – the lakes in the Jasper/Banff Parks of Canada are some of the most beautiful pieces of landscape on the planet we call home.  In this shot, Len Saltiel captures and shares an iconic shot of the boathouse on Lake Louise.  A truly incredible photograph with a jaw-dropping reflection, this picture is guaranteed to amaze and delight everyone.

200 King George Terrace – an architectural study of a style of home in the Victoria area, this blog post is incredible to take in.  The Art Deco style is relatively rare in our city, but a few buildings and homes of note are designed in this genre.  A wonderful set of really interesting pictures, well worth the time to view.

Bolton Emerson Americas: Drill Press 2 – a great industrial study of a drill press shot and delivered by Bob Lussier.  Fabulous details are here to enjoy, accented by a perfect depth of focus bringing the viewers eye right to the subject at hand.  Absolutely perfect, this is a truly wonderful piece of imagery.

The Knob – isn’t it amazing the level of interest a great photographer can create with a masterful composition and skillful depth of focus.  This shot from Jim Denham is a great example of this, as he captures and shares a truly dramatic image of a door knob.

Belly of the Snake – a wonderful architectural study of a bridge, done in black-and-white to pull all the drama out of the scene that is possible.  Curt Fleenor delivers a really incredible shot of this bridge using a long exposure technique that truly brings it to life.

Water Beads – a slightly minimalistic abstract piece showcasing a water drop.  Straight from the studio of Aaron Barlow, this is a really wonderful photograph.

Window to the Mediterranean – a wonderful photograph, uniquely framed and composed by Edith Levy.  A truly Mediterranean style window provides the frame to the outside world in this great photo, producing a view that is singularly special.

History – Steve Beal truly proves that you can go back.  This sometimes results in unexpected discoveries, but sometimes these provide great photographic opportunities.  A slightly melancholic perspective on an old hall that Steve used to frequent produces a very strong and compelling blog post, well worth the time to visit.

A Boat for Dad – PEI – a truly wonderful set of photographs by Anne McKinnell shares the views of fishing boats on the East Coast of Canada.  A beautiful part of our great country, the East Coast is unique in both it’s people and style, and this blog post and accompanying photos really showcase the Canadian flavor to be found here.

Black Swan Take a Walk – a wonderful photograph of a black swan as it wanders about.  Great details in the bird produce a strong image, full of interest; this is guaranteed to mesmerize all who take the time to visit.

Caught in the Act – if you take the time to view one image from this weeks list, this really has to be in the running.  A dramatic and completely emotional piece, accompanied by incredible writing, paints a picture of drama that is hard to shake.  Wonderful composition and the silhouette of the photographer combine here to deliver something that is beyond description.

Valley of the Ten Peaks – incredible details, colors and tones await the viewer in this breathtaking landscape photograph.  Rick captures and shares a shot in the iconic Jasper/Banff area, with a reflection that will take your breath away.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak – a beautiful bird poses gracefully for Kerri Farley as she captures this truly wonderful photograph.  Great details and a truly wonderful composition converge in this shot, producing a picture that is absolutely wonderful.

Sunsets And Footsteps – straight from the studio of Jacob Lucas, this incredible landscape photo is wonderful to take in.  A strong sense of melancholy and drama is captured in this frame, complete with great details and a wonderful track of light from the sun as it drapes itself across the water.

GoldenEye – a raptor stares back into the lens of a master wildlife photographer.  The drama in the stare of this glorious bird is really wonderfully captured and shared in this great image, well worth the time for a visit.

Embrace of Gold – wonderful composition using the road as a leading line greets the viewer in this incredible photograph.  Great tones add depth to the overall feeling produces in this picture, making it a really wonderful image to take in.

They Came From the Sea – a masterful panorama from the studio of Chris Maskell showcases the iconic shores of Whitstable in the UK.  A gorgeous image, captured with wonderful natural lighting, truly produces a great sense of coastal living in this part of the world.


Good Night Buddha by h.koppdelaney, on Flickr

Paolo B. 86's photostream – a truly great set of landscape shots delivers a view of a part of the world I’ve never been to.  Well composed and processed, this set is absolutely amazing and will amaze everyone who takes the time to visit.

Beautiful sunset on the river – a simple, but beautiful, scene provides the subject matter for this great shot.  This landscape photo is host to some gorgeous colors and tones, and the natural leading line from the body of water adds so much interest to the scene.

Bucket List: A Visit to San Francisco and TWiT – a great photograph with a small backstory provides the interest in this post.  A wonderful post sure to delight and amaze everyone who pops by for a visit.

St Ann’s Academy – this pair of shots showcases an icon in the city we live in.  The St. Ann’s Academy is rooted in heritage and history for our city, and this post really shows the beauty and elegance inherent in our heritage buildings.

“Three Sisters” – so much character can be found in this great shot, a picture of 3 sunflowers gloriously beaming in a field.  Great colors are here for all to enjoy, as well as an exquisite depth of focus that really makes these flowers pop right out of the monitor.  A wonderful photo, straight from the studio of David Ziser.

Mad-Men-themed engagement shoot: Megan and Michael – an extremely romantic and highly emotional set of images, from the studio of Ryan Brenizer.  An engagement shoot staged to look like it came out of a period 50 years ago, this stylized shoot is captivating and mesmerising.  Guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone who visits, this is a highly-recommended page to visit in this weeks links list.

Anglia Square by J A Mortram – black-and-white photography has a true ability to share the vision of drama as seen by the photographer.  This candid street shot really exemplifies this notion with a truly great photograph to take in and enjoy.

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze – breathtaking is the first word that comes to mind, followed by a series of other words that are synonymous with amazing and incredible.  Ian Plant captures and shares a truly stunning landscape photo using long exposure techniques that smooths out the water, while accenting the details in the surrounding landscape.

Nature, Creativity and Seeing Plus – a profound post from the studio of master photographer Jim Goldstein shares a beautiful outdoor shot of star trails.  An incredible blog post accompanies the image, serving as a source of true inspiration.

Unusually Dynamic Views of Kyoto from Shogunzuka – a visually stunning set of images taken and shared in Japan.  Jeffrey Friedl shares his photographic vision of the area in this wonderful blog post, sure to delight and amaze everyone who visits.

The Carousel House – a sublime black-and-white study of this famous landmark from the studio of Scott Wyden Kivowitz.  History is most interesting when documented, and Scott produces a piece that is sure to stand the test of time.  Well done, and absolutely worth the time for a visit.

On Working With What You’ve Got – master photographer Brian Matiash captures and shares a simple image that is absolutely poignant and profound when coupled with his great blog post.  A teacher and source of true inspiration to many, Brian has an unique way of helping us see the broader world around us in a different way, a way that needs to be photographed.

Wells Fargo Tower, Houston, Texas – Dave Wilson captures and presents a wonderful architectural study of a building, taken with a unique perspective.  Using an architectural element of the building as a foreground element of interest, Dave has created a truly compelling image.

Serve the Cause of Greater Things – this is profound beyond words.  A wonderful photo, full of rich details and character is presented here by Jacques Gudé, displaying a landscape that is dramatic and emotional.  The accompanying blog post is guaranteed to bring pause to life, letting us all take a look inward at those things that are truly important in life.

E.A.S.T. RUST – a dark and moody piece, this incredible photo is full of textures and details to enjoy.  Rust and weathered metal are the hallmarks for this image, creating a scene full of character and interest, sure to delight and amaze everyone who visits.

Mist Opportunities – a dreamy landscape awaits the viewer with this wonderful shot from the studio of Chris Maskell.  Fog can be a hindrance or a strong element of interest in the world of photography, and with this shot Chris really shows us how to use it to your advantage when trying to create imagery with a certain feel to it.

Tall In The Saddle – Mike Victorino delivers a strong and dramatic image in this post.  This black-and-white shot of a rodeo cowboy in action really captures all the interest in the scene and produces a truly wonderful and captivating image to enjoy.

(More) Mist Opportunities – another truly compelling mist photograph from the studio of Chris Maskell really brings all the drama of a moody and foggy scene to life.  Incredible care in the composition is highly evident in this image, with the results being a wonderful image to behold.

The Baptismal Font – the word amazing is a great start, but certainly not the end, of how to describe this incredible photograph.  The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist provides the incredible subject matter for this shot which is careful crafted to deliver the image as seen by the photographer.  Well worth the time to visit.

Great Horned Owl – a wonderful photograph of a beautiful Owl perched atop a handlers hand.  The wonderful depth of focus and natural lighting in this image really facilitate making the owl pop right out of the image, onto your monitor.

Waterscape – a beautiful sky produces exquisite silhouettes of water fowl.  Great colors in the sky produce wonderful tones through the image, straight from the studio of Saija Lehtonen.

Annapurna range – stunning, stunning colors are evident in this breathtaking photograph of a mountain range.  Helminadia Ranford captures and shares a truly iconic shot from Napels, delivering an image that is so very breathtaking.

Sunrise Mahon pool – the beautiful morning light drapes the scenery in gorgeous tones, highlighting a railing.  Jérôme Berbigier delivers a strong, detailed and highly emotional piece in this offering, an image well worth the time to view.

Little Church – a truly compelling infrared image delivered by Morgan Kelley produces a truly compelling image of a wonderful little church.  The painterly effect used to produce this picture really brings all the inherent drama and interest to life.

“Maybe, Maybe Not” – this image leaves me utterly speechless, which is a tough trick to pull off, really.  David A. Ziser captures a truly unique and wonderful photograph of a bride in a specific pose and setting that produces both photographic magic as well as a strong and emotional piece to enjoy by all.

Fine Art Photos of Tornado Alley Storms – incredible imagery is at the heart of this fabulous post.  A storm chaser unites with a fine art photographer and they set out to capture some truly incredible storm shots, well worth the time to visit and take in.

Old Blue Eyes – absolutely exquisite, this wildlife photograph of a Spider Monkey bring wonderful details and all the power of his commanding blue eyes to life.  Michael Carroll employs wonderful depth of focus in this picture to really bring this incredible creature to life.

Approach of winter – beautiful frost drapes the scenery, accenting the wonderful tones and details of this cold, frosty picture.  A light mist adds some drama, and a wonderful tree creates a strong sense of interest to this landscape photograph.

by Vino Li

Bush Whacked – a breathtaking waterfall produces a compelling and truly beautiful image, straight from the studio of Jerry Denham.  Fabulous details emerge as the viewer continues to take the image in, creating a strong sense of beauty and serenity.  Well worth the time to visit and view.

It’s About Time – Jimi Jones shares an awesome short series of images from the National Watch and Clock Museum.  In this set we take in some of the wonderful architectural details, with rumours having it that future posts will be of some of the time pieces that are hosted in this incredible facility.

Do You Believe? – a razor sharp depth of focus creates intense interest and drama in this fabulous shot from the studio of Steve Beal.  An abandoned school presents a great photographic opportunity for Steve, and he delivers an incredible piece sure do delight and amaze everyone who visits.

Bubble Net Feeding – a wonderful photograph is punctuated by an incredible and informative blog post, straight from the studio of Len Saltiel.  A herd of killer whales goes about their daily feed and Len is there and ready with his camera to capture and share this jaw-droppingly awesome photo.

Succulent Frost – a truly incredible set of photographs taken on a patio here in our home city of Victoria, in Canada, by one of my new local photography friends.  A great series, showcasing the beauty that Mother Nature herself bestows upon us with something as simple as frost.  Incredible photos, well worth the time to visit and view.

A Boat for Dad – Newfoundland – this series of images serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of man.  Brave men daily head out to the open ocean in this incredibly fragile looking water crafts, and by-and-large they return just fine.  This set of images is presented to us by Anne McKinnell and showcases these simple but beautiful boats for us all to enjoy from the safety of our desks.

Passing Times – master photographer Bob Lussier captures and shares a distinct scene in NYC.  In the middle of the night, right in the middle of Times Square, Bob finds a vibrant city full of wonder and light, and he and his lens are at the ready to capture this incredible scene to share with us all.

2011 Food & Drink Styling Roundup, Pt. 7 – a fabulous set of food and drink photographs, exquisitely composed and captured, straight from the studio of Gareth Glynn Ash.  If these shots don’t make you reach for your phone to make dinner reservations or invite a friend over for a fine meal and drinks, I don’t know what would!

Winter Walks – Mike Victorino takes us on a journey with him on a night in town after a snowfall.  This bright and vibrant photograph is just incredible to take in, and Mike’s accompanying blog post really adds so much to the story.  Well worth the time to visit.

How Many Miles – a slightly solitary feeling embraces the viewer as they take in this great shot by Curt Fleenor.  A simple mile marker creates the drama, and the wonderful natural light that envelopes the roadway really adds a lot of interest to this incredible scene.

Safed Artist – I don’t really fully understand what it is about great photographs of artists hard at work that fascinates me so, but here we’ve got a great example of such an image.  Edith Levy capture and shares a truly iconic scene captured in Northern Israel, producing a strong and compelling piece that is sure to delight everyone who pops over for a visit.

Fall Foliage – a gorgeous image by Jay Taylor shares a view of Autumn in the Pacific Northwest, with a focus on the incredible colors of the leaves on a Japanese Maple tree.  Exquisite composition and strong tones and colors combine to truly create a special image.

Matrix Tower – Jim Denham captures and carefully processes an image of a high-rise in Houston.  The incredible composition Jim employed in this image serves to create a very strong architectural study that makes the building itself appear to go on forever.  A great photo, well worth the time to visit and view.

UrbEx by the Sea – another great, great image from Steve Beal finds it’s way to our list here this week, and this one is just too good to miss!  An empty factory provides a really great frame for Steve as he shows us a peek-a-boo look at the marina through the open door, out to the wide world.  You won’t be disappointed here, we encourage everyone to take the time to check out this great photograph!

Huntington Beach Pier – HDR – Shane Lund captures a wonderful and beautiful HDR photograph of the Huntington Beach Pier at night.  Great colors and details await the viewer with this shot, and the picture-perfect composition really creates a compelling piece of imagery.


99 Faces Of Occupy Wall St. – poignant and profound, this series shows the face of the movement through the portraits of some of the followers.  Guaranteed to make you pause and reflect, this is an amazing set of images to take in.

The Struggles in Being a Photographer – a great pair of pictures is punctuated by a very inspirational post from the studio of O'Brien Photo.  It seems we all hit periods of self-doubt and questioning and being able to share that experience and read of other photographers who have also dealt with this results in a supportive environment that compels us to move forward with our dreams and visions.

The Perks of Being a Photographer – a follow-up post to the one we’ve shared above, this post discusses the benefits of being a photographer.  Again, O'Brien Photo shares some great insight into the craft they love so much, and punctuate it with a great picture.  In this shot, the light that outlines the subjects themselves produces such a strong element of interest.

50 Reasons Not to Date a Photographer – funny, poignant and in some cases utterly true, this entertaining blog post by Anthony Luke is an absolute must-read for any photographers, or people personally involved with one.  I wholeheartedly acknowledge that I do probably 25 of the things on this list.

Maplemusketeer on writing– a truly inspirational post on following your dreams.  In the context of this article, the main storyline is about writing, but the same principles are true for other vocations, such as photography, too.  Definitely a great blog post, well worth the time to check out.

35 Examples of Amazing Tilt Shift Photography – a wonderful set of pictures taken using a tilt/shift lens delivers a post that is sure to amaze everyone.  This is a totally unique style of photography that is often referred to as “miniaturized” imagery.  This set comprises of some of the best photos using this style.

My first eBook, Absorbing Light – a wonderful new offering from Scott Wyden Kivowitz shares some insight into the world of photography seen through his lens.  Scott is a leading photographer who constantly produces great works, and we have no doubt this book is chock-full of wonderful and interesting tips and thoughts about the world of photography as a whole.

My first Commissioned Family Portrait session – Everyone starts somewhere… – I love seeing photographers branching out, and businesses being created.  This is a great example of this, as our photographer friend here goes about doing his first family portrait session.  I must say, the results are absolutely incredible, a job well done!

License to kill – reality is harsh, especially in many parts of the world where the people who live there live in 3rd world conditions.  This photo-series showcases the life of rat killers in Mumbai, delivering a dramatic story through both the words and accompanying set of truly incredible photographs.

Sony Users Finally Get Some Remote Trigger Love – this announcement definitely plays into my camera bag needs!  Great news indeed…  and on that note, I’ll be right back, I just need to visit my local camera store…

National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 – 54 photographs that are currently in the running for this contest, sure to absolutely delight and amaze everyone who visits.

Photographers – Pay Attention To The Quality Of Your Network – size isn’t always the most important element to consider in life, in some cases it’s the quality.  This post discusses the importance of having a quality network in place, rather than focusing purely on the numbers.

by couliseaux, on Flickr

Organic Art: Houses Woven with Sticks – a fascinating blog post that highlights the work of Patrick Dougherty with a fabulous series of photographs taken of his artistic endeavors.

Skydive Everest! Free Falling From 29,000 ft – some people love to jump out of perfectly good airplanes.  I am far too queasy for such activities, myself, but I understand the allure.  How about jumping off a perfectly good and stable mountain?  This incredible set of photographs is sure to delight and amaze everyone, pop by for a view!

Are you Over Processing Your Photos? – Doug Pruden delivers another awesome post that discusses post processing in the realm of photography.  A well written piece sure to give us all reason to take a closer look at our personal work-flows, and what and how we produce our work.

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wondering how you choose the photos to post on the list,I started a blog while back wondering if you take submissions would love to get other photographers opinions …thanks

I checked out your blog, Troy, you’ve got some great work posted there! Thanks so much for your visit and for taking the time to leave your comments, we really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to create such comprehensive lists. It is always great to look through and see what I missed (I always seem to have missed a few things at least!). I really appreciate your kind words about my post too.

This is a great list, I still have not worked my way through all of it – I have no idea where you find the time to compile this kind of list week in and week out, but you do a fantastic job. And, I don’t say that because you have included my posts the last few weeks – that I find perplexing and yet immensly pleasing. Thank you 🙂

Thanks for being part of it, my friend! It’s an honor to be able to include your great work here, this is what it’s all about!

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