Why Birds Are a Photography Favourite


Bird photography is always a popular topic among outdoor photographers. The challenges presented in trying to get a good photograph of a bird though, are difficult to understate. Besides the skittish nature of the animal, problems with weather, wind, light and backgrounds always seem to throw themselves into your path. These recent images though show what can be done with a bit of skill and patience and why the subject of birds continues to be a favourite among photographers everywhere. Check out our further resources on bird photography at the end of the collection.


♥ The Drongo Love ♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥ by VinothChandar, on Flickr


A misty morning (explored 17/1/12) by JanetR3, on Flickr


Green Bee Eater by VinothChandar, on Flickr


Landing at speed by Steve-h, on Flickr


Curruca capirotada – Sylvia atricapilla heineken (♀) by juan_e, on Flickr


robin(bw) by Tim simpson1, on Flickr


robin by Tim simpson1, on Flickr


Eastern Bluebirds by Dendroica cerulea, on Flickr

The National Monument Reflection…. by Glyn Lowe Photos, on Flickr


Canario silvestre, Serinus canarius(♂) by juan_e, on Flickr


Gliding Pelican by Andrew Ngai, on Flickr


A Very Tiny Wren by me'nthedogs, on Flickr


Looks like he caught something by ellenm1, on Flickr


One more by JAMoutinho, on Flickr

Brandt's Cormorant, Phalacrocorax pencicillatus by Bill Bouton, on Flickr


Beautiful Pheasant by katsrcool, on Flickr


Winter Long Tail by brianfuller6385, on Flickr


Tūī by SidPix, on Flickr

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Awesome!! Totally awesome!! Can anyone please tell me how can the birds be captured so beautifully and sweetly?
The photographers made us to love birds a lot more, I think.
Well,keep it up!!

I’m really starting to get into bird photography now, having initially focused on mammals. I think the attraction is to see the details and movements which are too fast to take in with the naked eye. With a photo, you can really show so much more about a bird.

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