Woman Falls Out of Car While Filming Video for Social Media


Social media either draws bad behavior out of people or simply gives it a wider platform.

Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels.

Either way, since photos and videos are a huge part of life now we are often treated to more examples of bad behavior than we’d like.

We’ve covered stories about photographers doing dangerous things and influencers going a little overboard to get the likes but one thing remains constant: The stories keep coming.

That’s why we’ve joined the rest of the photography press in highlighting these stories, but not giving any publicity to the people involved. After all, if they want attention, that’s not what we’re here to give them.

Today’s story is about a Snapchat user that filmed herself hanging out of the window of a car going down the highway in London at 110mph. She was on the M25 roadway, one of the busiest in the country according to FStopper’s report on the situation. The caption attached to the video?

“I need to stop doing this 110mph imma end up dead,” after which she tumbled out of the car window. Luckily for her, and despite the speed and lack of any kind of protective gear, her injuries were relatively minor.

Twitter account @CrimeLdn tweeted, “Snapchat Crash on Motorway m25 Footage of the girl who was filming herself hanging out of a window on m25 doing 110mph before falling onto a live lane. Paramedics treated her at the scene.”

You can watch their video of the incident by clicking here.

Thankfully, the victim here is ok but that's not always the case. Be aware of yourself and your surroundings folks. And always ask yourself if what you are doing is worth it in the scheme of things. 

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