Wow! Transform Your Photo Into a Film Clip Using Adobe MovingStills!


Adobe’s products for manipulating and editing photos are some of the most powerful out there. Heck, Photoshop can completely transform landscapes, faces, and even create things out of whole cloth.

adobe moving stills
Image via Adobe.

So it’s no wonder that the company is continually looking out for the next big thing.

One recent innovation that Adobe showed off has the ability to turn your still images into moving pictures in such a way that you would think the picture was originally captured via film.

Introduced at the Adobe MAX 2018 conference, MovingStills brings static images to life by manipulating elements within the photo to give the viewer the impression of movement. Basically, how it works is that an artificial intelligence-powered editor generates parallax in the image using the elements detected within it to give the image a moving quality.

Instead of simply zooming in on a normal photo, MovingStills renders an impressive cinematic effect that is far superior to the zoom alone. In another impressive nod, the feature even allows the user to toggle the camera angle from which the photo is rendered into a moving still. Further, the feature can be applied to tons of photos simultaneously, resulting in a ton of new moving stills at the click of a button. This kind of ease of editing is not only appreciated but probably a real time saver for digital creatives that are likely to use this feature for everything from Instagram marketing to website design.

The result is a photo that seems almost 3D in its rendering. It’s really quite impressive and just one of the many new things that Adobe is bringing to its Creative Cloud suite of software.

If you’d like to see some of Adobe’s MAX 2018 conference, you can do so by watching it here on YouTube.

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