YI Technology’s Pixie Small Drone to Sport 4K Video Capabilities According to Rumors


YI Technology promised a larger drone well over a year and a half ago and everyone is still waiting for that to hit the market.

Now rumors are emerging online of a smaller drone, on the same scale as the DJI Spark, that not only offers 4K video capabilities but also 1080p and 720p video with time lapse and burst mode and 15MP photo capture. Further, DIY Photography says the drone “operates on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi, with a suggested range of 100 metres.”

The rumor is well substantiated with product pictures and even a user’s manual all appearing online.

Image via Pok Rie from Pexels.com.

In terms of design, the YI Pixie resembles the DJI Spark. One interesting feature noted by many is the abandonment of a proprietary battery in favor of a 18650 battery which DIY describes as “dirt cheap, easily obtained” accessories.

As expected, the new drone also comes along with a companion app. This app will handle the logistics of the drone’s flight and landing but will also offer options such as waypoints, one-key return, points-of-interest, and facial recognition.

The Pixie’s rumored 1080p video at 60fps would be double that of the competing DJI Spark drone. As for the 4K video, slow motion, and time lapse – these are all features beyond the current DJI Spark’s abilities.

Other than details about the unit’s specs and companion app there is little information about when YI Technology plans on releasing the Pixie drone or at what price. You can expect that it will probably come in at a relatively competitive cost considering it is competing with offerings from DJI, the world’s largest consumer drone company.

Further, it is only a matter of time before DJI’s offerings achieve some kind of parity with the YI Technology devices, making the time to strike the market much sooner rather than later.

You can view the manual and specs for YI Technology's rumored Pixie drone by clicking here.

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