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About Jason Row

Jason Row is a British born travel photographer now living in Ukraine. His images have been licensed to companies such as Cunard, Ethiad and Virgin Atlantic as well as multiple newspapers and magazines. As well as shooting stills he is now creating travel stock video in 4K. He maintains a travel stock photography site at Jason Row Photography You can also catch up with him on Facebook at Facebook/TheOdessaFiles

How To Share Awesome Images On Social Media!

Twitter image posting

We all love to upload our images to social media. Be it to show our professional work, get critique from our peers or just to show our friends and family our latest shots, between us, we upload tens of millions of images per day to social media sites. As photographers, of course, we strive to […]

10 Minutes To Understand YOUR Camera Modes

Your camera modes

The four modes most of us use all the time are the standard exposure modes, known as PASM, Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual. Beyond these, and often grouped onto the main program dial with PASM there will be a number of “specialist modes”. These modes will preset the camera for shooting in certain […]

3 Extremely Useful Photoshop Techniques you Should Know

Adjust individual channels to change colour

We all know how immensely powerful Photoshop is. From a simple contrast tweak to advance photo composites, we can do it all within the confines of this amazing software. Sometimes the array of options and techniques can seem bewildering and today we are going do a step by step walk through of four useful techniques that […]

How Using Color for Contrast Can Make Your Photos Pop

All the primaries in one image

Photography has always been about contrast. Black and white, tonal range, high key, low key, these are all terms that we associate with contrast in photography. There is another element to this equation that is just as important, colour. We can use color to create scenes that are low contrast, high contrast or to isolate […]

5 Essential Keys to Awesome Photographs of Ships

In hostile environments, weather proofing is important

They can be beautiful, ugly, utilitarian, colourful or dull, ships can make highly interesting subjects for photographers. Throw in the added elements of water and costal light and there is scope for getting some amazing images. Anywhere there is sea you are likely to see ships or boats, from derelict fishing vessels to mighty container […]

What You Didn’t Know About the Story of HDR Photography


There are few techniques that divide the photographic community as much as HDR or High Dynamic Range photography. One person’s hyperrealism is another’s garish monstrosity. Some photographers use it to enhance tricky lighting situations, others to make striking shots from compositionally naive images. Either way, mention HDR and there is a good chance you will […]