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Why Rhythm Makes This Photo Rock!


Photograph by Kent DuFault The Photograph (Above), Titled “Honey Champs”, Has Been Highly Regarded Wherever I’ve Shared It Online or in Photography Competitions. I believe that the reason for this is the use of rhythm in the composition. You might say to yourself, “Yeah! Self! There is obviously repetition here, and that’s what everyone likes…” […]

How to Get Great Portraits With Minimal Equipment


What does it really take to create a great portrait? Do you need multiple lights, a dozen reflectors, several backgrounds, six soft boxes, three umbrellas, a makeup artist, a costume designer, and a wind machine? No. Well… maybe if you’re shooting Angelina Jolie for Elle Magazine. But the truth is- YOU- can create compelling portraiture […]

What Can Billiards Teach You About Light & Photography?


Light is malleable. Have you ever thought about that- that you could work light like a ball of clay? It’s true. Light has 5 distinct characteristics that should be of interest to any photographer, and one undeniable truth that every photographer should know and understand. However, many don’t. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading […]

Why The Color RED Made Me a Better Photographer


I want some attention! I want people to notice my photography. I want my skills to be recognized. It’s true isn’t it? We all crave attention. You want your photographs to get noticed. I get it. So do I. Photography is a challenging medium. No one will ever really master it completely. Like all art; […]

Gifts For Photographers: The Ultimate 2014 Christmas List

Gifts for Photographers 2014

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Maybe you didn’t realize this- but if there is a photographer on your shopping list- you have no shortage of gift options! This list of gifts for photographers contains something for everyone.This year, we approached our gift giving guide by breaking it down into four categories: 1. Inexpensive stocking stuffers, 2. Mid-range Photo Geek Excitement, 3. Photographer hugs that might break your spine, and 4. For the photographer who has just about everything. Also, we wanted to keep things simple. We wanted everyone to be able to find the products listed. So, all our product suggestions came right from Amazon- including the pricing.

How to Photograph Boats, Ships, and All Things That Float


Who among us hasn’t stood somewhere, and watched a boat go by, while thinking to ourselves, Wow! That would make a great picture. Think of the many opportunities available to you as a photographer, no matter what your location is. It could be a tugboat pushing barges down a mighty river, a cruise ship leaving port, a single fisherman in a rowboat on a lake, or perhaps a kayak shooting the rapids in a canyon stream. The possibilities are almost endless.

7 Tips to Improve Your Holiday Photographs


All of us get a little more excited about taking photographs when the Holidays approach. Who doesn’t want to create beautiful images of their celebration: a golden turkey, a stack of colorful presents, family members we haven’t seen in years, or a dramatic kiss on New Year’s Eve. These moments provide a plethora of subject matter.