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These Steps Will Help You Nail Focus Every Time


Is there anything that can’t be fixed in post? Thanks to the brilliance of Lightroom, Photoshop, and other similar applications, one could easily surmise that the answer to that question is a resounding no. Crooked horizons, over/under-exposure, excessive noise — all relatively easy to remedy. You can even remove the people cluttering up your shot […]

How to Get Good Photographs in Overcast Conditions

2009-02-07 Paradise Bay 048

For those of us that don’t inhabit tropical or sub tropical climes, overcast days are more often the rule rather than the exception. At first glance the uniform grey and lack of shadows can be off-putting, invoking a sense of melancholia in even the most optimistic of photographers. Don’t be downbeat though, you can shoot […]

Exploring the Inspired: Ansel Adams

Brandenburg Evening

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”  Today in our series of exploring the inspired we are going to take a look at an iconic quote by a truly inspirational photographer, Ansel Adams. Is it relevant to modern photography and how do we apply it in this age of instant images. Ansel Easton Adams […]

These Are The Best Smartphone Camera Apps You Can Get Today


Recently, we suggested seven ways to take better shots with your smartphone. Although that article was a technical guide, we had a number of requests for an article about the best smartphone apps for photography. Of course there are literally thousands of photographic apps on the market for all operating systems, but in this article […]

Kylli Sparre’s Self-Portraits are Amazing!


Kylli Sparre spent years training to become a professional ballerina, but then re-focused her creative energy on photography. In her beautiful self-portraits, Kylli completely (and quite often, literally) connects herself to the environment surrounding her. Her images are just very dreamlike and romantic – not unlike a ballet. Of course, Kylli uses Photoshop to accomplish the fantasy of […]