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Improving your photos in the darkroom and on the desktop.

How to Use the Adjustment Brush to Emphasise Your Subject

20150829-71swnaturephotoaug21-before and after

The Adjustment Brush is the localized editing tool that is freeform. This tool has the ability to select small and large areas for specific adjustments. We explored the other two Lightroom localized adjustment tools, the Radial and Graduated Filter in two previous articles: How to Use Lightroom’s Radial Filter to Enhance Your Subject and How […]

Fun With Selective Color Adjustments In Lightroom

Yellow eyes

Playing with selective color is one of those things that everyone tries in photography at least once or twice. While “the establishment” often frowns on the practice, it’s really up to the individual and their client if it’s something they want to do or offer. For that reason alone it’s worth taking a look at […]

5 Quick and Simple Lightroom Edits to make your Images Pop

Use the Built in Presets or create your own

Since its original release, Adobe’s Lightroom has grown into perhaps one of the best tools a photographer can use. Initially designed as an image management tool with limited post production tools, it has blossomed into a product that can rival its older cousin, Photoshop in many aspects of image editing. It’s possible to spend hours […]

Techniques for Removing People in Photoshop

Photo Merge

As much as people can add life, mood and scale to an image, there are times when we just wish they were not there. There are times we might have set up our perfect shot and waited patiently for people to disappear from the scene in vain. Either more people arrive or in some extreme cases, […]

Make Your Photos Pop using Photoshop’s Blur Gallery


In Photoshop CC, there are multiple blur filters using the Blur Gallery that give us powerful, artistic control. These include Field, Iris, Tilt-Shift, Path and Spin Blur. There are also blur effects that can be applied to each of these that amp up the creativity factor. In short, these filters simply rock! They allow pinpointing […]