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Hi there fellow Light Stalkers, and welcome once again to your weekly wrap-up. As per usual our forums were filled with beautiful photographs, helpful and interesting discussions and feedback from the Shark Tank

So let's get into the week that was…

Photo Of The Week – November 11th, 2019

Oh my goodness! This week our Guest Judge for photo of the week was Preston and here is what he had to say about his choice, this amazing photograph taken in Kruger National Park by Charmaine Joubert

“Talk about a difficult task of choosing POTW since everyone posted spectacular photos.  I had my mind made up pretty much for several days until one picture blew me out of the water.

Photo of the Week goes to Charmaine Joubert for her untitled picture posted in the Weekend Challenge “Black & White”.

I’m drawn in by the contrast between the background and the Leopard’s lightly colored fur, along with the crispness of every detail.  So crisp in fact, I’d dare say it’s a composite between a Leopard and the tree.  And if it is, I can’t see any editing missteps between light and shadows to a misplaced piece of fur.

I also like the choice of processing to eliminate all additional background elements, showcasing an animal that relies on stealth and camouflage to survive.  The eye-level perspective is impressive as well, creating a bond between the viewer and the photo that makes me think I can reach out and pet the Leopard.

Charmaine provides a view of a beautiful creature I’ve only experienced through Animal Planet shows, until now.  The post-processing on this image is top-notch.

Overall, this photo makes me feel that I’m looking at a live animal, especially in the eyes.  They are perfectly captured to convey a feeling that the animal is pondering something.  I wonder what it’s looking for? Is it a meal, another photographer, a red laser pointer? Not Charmaine, since the eyes appear to gaze right over her right shoulder.  I guess we will never know, but I sure want to find out!

I went into this week of judging thinking, “What photo would I want to hang on my office wall and look at every day?” This one is it.  Congratulations on Photo of the Week Charmaine!”

Thank you so much Preston for your insightful thoughts on this wonderful image and please take a look at Charmaine's stunning work she has posted here on Light Stalking, she is a master of the craft

Shades Of Autumn

Here are just a few of the amazing shots from our 459th Challenge on Shades of Autumn. Please take the time to see all of the images posted to the challenge to get your Autumn fill!

Photo by Davidc

Autumn itself is a warm and glowing time of the year, but this shot makes it even brighter. The mix of colors is gorgeous, and the calm feeling one gets from it is priceless

Photo by Click

Bright tones and a lovely texture that summarise the autumn feeling in a particular way. 

Photo by Charmaine Joubert

No Autumn collection would be complete without a fallen maple leaf. The light and overall composition here makes this a wonderful image.

Photo by P71

Even the most limited photographic tools can create wonderful images when placed in talented hands. This was made with a Polaroid Cube, which is basically a creative webcam.

Photo by LeanneC

Pumpkins are fundamental in Autumn's overall aesthetic. This detailed approach teaches us that even when everything seems to have already been done in photography, we can still look harder for new things.

Photo by Andre P

Don't you simply love all those bright colors from this time of the year? Lovely bright hues from Andre

Photo by Preston

Great color contrast, not to mention that bold POV!

Photo by Graham Hart

There is no better way to describe this shot simply as Graham stated it “leaves + light = autumn”.

Photo by Jasenka Grujin

It doesn't always have to be warm and bright when it comes to Autumn, it can also be poetic and moody at the same time.

Photo by Robert Apple

Life's decay is what Autumn really is at the end of the day. Death and rebirth. A beautiful capture from Robert

Photo by Tom M

Things don't need to be highly complex or wildly elaborate in order to convey a precise message. This photograph is proof of that idea, and a quick reminder that we need to pay closer attention to the images surrounding us.

Photo by Pat Garrett

“When two seasons meet on the street” – indeed!

Photos And Thoughts You May Have Missed

Erik shared a splendid list of world-class awarded architecture photographs. Thanks so much for sharing

Tom shared some nice shots of Nashville's skyline at night, here is my favourite – but definitely check them all out!

Lynne shared a beautiful and very clean shot of a complex performance at the Dallas Museum of Art circle, it was an event for the speechless.

Robert managed to somehow capture this crisp portrait of his beautiful Molly Bee.

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts

We truly believe in the power of critique and feedback, and we promote it via The Tank. Take a look and provide your feedback or post your own photo that you like critiqued. It is positive and powerful and will definitely help you become a better photographer

Here are some of the shots shared last week:

Thank you so much to everyone who posts, participates or simply lurks on the forums, we all are in love with photography and we love our community. Make sure you take a look and post your own photographs in the challenge published by Tersha on Black and White! Please remember to join our friendly photography community if you haven't done already! And also take a look at our Members Picks from this last week as well, here you'll find the best of the best from Light Stalking, curated by our very own members.

Today We Leave You With…Whiskers

Kent DuFault submitted a brilliant portrait of his lovely lizard Whiskers to our Mobile Monday Challenge. He took this on his iPhone 8 and we can't wait to see what he does with his iPhone 11x Pro!

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