17-Year-Old Student Killed by Train During Senior Photoshoot


Another student photoshoot was the scene of tragedy as a 17-year-old was killed by an oncoming train during a senior photoshoot in Troutdale, Oregon.

Sunyu Kim from Pexels.

If you will recall, this is the second tragedy involving a student photoshoot this year (you can read about the other story by clicking here on this link) though the other story we brought you was the result of foul play rather than an accident as seems the case here. 

Local news outlet KATU 2 reports that Estacada High School River Baker was hit by a Union Pacific train this past Saturday at some time before 6 PM.

As for the photographer involved, PetaPixel reports that the identity of that person is still not known though he or she was likely questioned by authorities regarding the photoshoot on the railroad tracks.

A representative from Union Pacific Kristen South issued the following statement about the accident: “Our thoughts are with the teen’s family and friends…We plead with parents, students and photographers to not take photos on or near the tracks.”

Taking pictures on train tracks is one of the most dangerous things a photographer can do but it seems like that message needs repeating. As multiple publications have pointed out, despite their size, trains can sneak up on unwary people quite quickly and with devastating consequences.

Along with the rest of the photography community, we send our condolences to all of those impacted by this tragedy.

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Hard to believe a pro photograph would ignore common safety practices. Maybe it was an amateur or a friend taking the photos

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