20 Visually Intriguing Images of Pathways and Trails


Paths, trails, or whatever else one might call them, are curious things. In some cases, it’s quite obvious that a great many people (and animals) have walked along a particularly rugged route countless times over the years, while other pathways are deliberately placed, meticulously designed, and regularly manicured. No matter their origin or intended use, trails can be enchanting and inviting or they can fill prospective travelers with a sense of foreboding and mystery. And sometimes they can do all these things at once. From a photography perspective, trails have a lot to teach us about composition, framing, mood, and geometry. The images below represent all that is intriguing and instructive about pathways. Enjoy.

forest trail
Photo by mike318

interurban trail
Photo by Emergency Brake

The Trail
Photo by Andrew E. Larsen

Sobers Run Trail
Photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli

Foggy Trail
Photo by Thomas

Dark Trail
Photo by Scott Hudson

my favorite path
Photo by SunKee Hwang

Photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli

Photo by Tim Green

Photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

The Path
Photo by Jim Bauer

the path
Photo by Ginny

Misty path
Photo by Manu Praba

Forest Path
Photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

Uncertain Path
Photo by Alexander Boden

Forest Path
Photo by Jyrki Salmi

An Inviting Path
Photo by Ian Muttoo

Down the Path
Photo by Bud

A New Path
Photo by Steve Jurvetson

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