21 Creatively Captured Moon Reflections in Water


Nothing can be quite as evocative as the moon for a lot of people (not just photographers). Something about it attracts us. When you combine it with water and reflections, a little visual magic happens. We think this collection of photographs shows that magic. Don't forget to add your own moon reflection photographs in the comments!

two moons

Two Moons by Sami Keinänen, on Flickr

hovey lake

Hovey Lake by ladyofthewings, on Flickr

black and white night under moonlight

Black And White Night Under Moonlight by Serge Arsenie, on Flickr

noches de luna llena en el cap de creus

Noches de luna llena en el Cap de Creus by Wiros, on Flickr

harvest moon vi

harvest moon VI by Bruiach/ Colin Campbell, on Flickr

moon over manakoora

moon over manakoora by eye of einstein, on Flickr

moonlit ball

Moonlit Ball by mickyg9, on Flickr

moon rising over the lake

Moon rising over the lake by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr

loch duich from eilean donan

Loch Duich from Eilean Donan by atomicjeep, on Flickr

dreamy night

Dreamy night by SergioTudela, on Flickr

am insomnia

3am insomnia by .curt., on Flickr

bright at night

Bright at night by Powderruns, on Flickr

moon on the beach

Moon on the Beach at the 3rd Beach in LaPush–Washington Coast by papalars, on Flickr


Moonshine (178/365) by andrewrennie, on Flickr


Moonrise by threefingeredlord, on Flickr


moon by fhisa, on Flickr


moonlight by Hitchster, on Flickr

boat by night

Boat by night by Widerbergs, on Flickr

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Thanks for the opportunity to see some great moon shots. Can I submit my photos by Flickr? Any advice on submittal process would be appreciated. Photos are in Aperture.

Hi, these are wonderful pictures of the moon reflections! I would imagine they’re set on Manual mode. Please share the other settings.

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