40 Intriguing Photographs Of Chess


Played since the 6th Century, Chess is an amazing, globally played game of strategy. But beyond the mental machinations required to win, chess pieces and the chess boards themselves are often incredibly beautiful.

All the pieces contrasted against the board's tiles of bright and dark colors (usually black and white). Intricately carved pieces of different materials or even very simple wood pawns are instantly recognizable.

Whether it is a modern or ancient chess set, photographing the pieces and set up of chess sets in interesting ways can get your creative juices flowing.

Here are 40 images of chess so you can appreciate the beauty of behind such an intriguing object.

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Sebastian Voortman
Recal Media
benjamin smith ipwzutlvozq unsplash
Benjamin Smith
George Becker
Gladson Xavier
javier grixo p opmw wvk unsplash
Javier Grixo
jason leung odgocybp ik unsplash
Jason Leung
George Becker

Getting Into Still Life Photography Will Stimulate Your Creativity

Taking captivating images of chess pieces and chess boards will hone your still life photography. Remember there are 4 key elements to staging your still life.

  1. Subject, story, and mood
  2. Background
  3. Props
  4. Layout

You should address these elements to get impactful still life photographs

Here are 3 free guides that cover everything from understanding the 4 key elements to staging your still life to enhancing your image in Lightroom and Photoshop. These will help you get started with still life photography:

  1. Beginners Guide To Still Life Photography
  2. Lighting For Still Life Photography
  3. Post-processing For Still Life Photography

If you’re looking for more, composition is key in creating engaging still life photographs. If you’d like to get better at photography composition and learn concepts that go beyond the basics, you should take a look at Kent DuFault’s guide to advanced composition.

Public Domain Pictures
George Becker
mason hassoun gbxyuo uck unsplash
Mason Hassoun

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””] Advanced Composition – will ensure you create images that pop. You'll get more out of your still life photography and start taking images that will truly capture your creative vision. If you’d like to improve your composition skills and learn concepts that go beyond the ‘rule of thirds’, do take a look at Kent DuFault’s guide Advanced Composition[/thrive_text_block]

jez timms iowtlpclyoc unsplash
Jez Timms
michal parzuchowski d lesi ssu unsplash
Michal Parzuchowski
Claire Thibault
jeswin thomas uyvth ag y unsplash
Jeswin Thomas
Ylanite Koppens
Steve Johnson
jonathan ybema x gozpoin s unsplash
Jonathan Ybema
Artur Roman
taha ajmi dcakipxs ee unsplash
Taha Ajmi
maarten van den heuvel pc ambi uq unsplash
Maarten van den Heuvel
Syed Hasan Mehdi
Juhasz Imre
Anthony DeRosa
Ivan Cujic

Your Next Strategy Should Be To Take Your Photography Composition to the Next Level

We hope you’ve enjoyed these 40 intriguing photographs of chess. If you are looking to improve your photography composition and learn concepts that go beyond the ‘rule of thirds’, do take a look at Kent DuFault’s guide Advanced Composition. With this guide, you will learn all about light, shadow, lines, curves, repetition, juxtaposition and much more, and also develop the skills of anticipation, pre-visualization, and timing.

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