6 Ways to Add a Little Spark to Your Photography in 2016


It's that time of year again. A new beginning. A fresh start. Cheers to another year gone by and a toast to the year ahead. Some of us choose to make New Years resolutions. Some of resolve not too. Whichever camp you're in, a new year encourages us to think a little differently, to try something new. Last year I wrote 15 New Year's Ideas for Photographers as a way to start the new year. For 2016, here's six ideas to tackle and have more photography fun in the new year. Pick one, all or add your own in the comments below.

1. You Don't have to Travel to be a Travel Photographer

Well, technically to be an official travel photographer, some mileage may be required. Obligations may keep us local for an extended period of time or we may have to travel to the same place many times. If you need some inspiration, take a tour of your own city or neighboring community. Botanical gardens, zoos, parks, historic buildings and community events inspire folks visiting your area – let these local jaunts inspire you too. Visit the visitor center or jump on the official tour bus and see the city from the perspective of non-local. Check out Jason Row's: How to be a Tourist in Your City and Capture Remarkable Photos.

A trip through the city botanical garden was filled with color, garden life, art and resulted many photos to process.

2. Protect/Backup Your Work with a Few Simple Steps

This one isn't about creating beautiful photography. It's about protecting your many hours behind the camera and time invested in post processing. Back up your work! It requires a nominal investment of time and a few dollars. The return is the satisfaction of knowing that your work is always safe, even when disaster strikes. Review Protect Your Work for tips and tools that will help you sleep better knowing all is well with your photos and catalogues.

3. Convert at Least One Photo from a Shoot to Black & White

Black and white photography is a timeless classic that can turn a nice color photo into an image that has a little extra punch. The article How to Convert Your Color Photos to Black & White highlights four quick methods using Lightroom.

4. Shoot with a Prime or Commit to a Focal Length at Once a Month

Each day on our Facebook page, we republish previous articles. Some may have been from the week before and some my have been from prior years. One day we republished 2 previous lens articles. One was about primes and the other about telephotos. One of our readers on Facebook responded by saying “we can't make up our minds” with a little tongue and cheek humor. She was right – we can't. We love our primes and we love our telephoto's. Whichever one you have, commit to a given length for a total shoot at least once a month to re-sharpen (ha!) our eye. The 50mm is a great price performer and offers unlimited photographic opportunities..

5. Perspective – Never Stop Training Your Mind

Dzvonko Petrovski's tips for opening your Mind for Better Photography revisits four fundamentals from a mental vs. technical perspective.

6. Try A New Processing Technique once a Week

Every day Light Stalking posts new articles on our website. Our global photographers have a diverse photography interests, skills and ideas. Intentionally take the initiative to try one or some of the tips highlighted. Articles range from post processing tips, camera settings & tools, shooting techniques and general commentary. Here's a few:

Combining 2 Images With Different Focal Points;
Create Brilliant Starbursts
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5 Ways to Use Shadows In Your Composition
How Photographer's See the World Differently
The Importance of the Thrill in Photography

This is a short list of the many, many articles that have been written since we started back in 2009. We appreciate all of you who share, comment, read and bookmark our articles and follow our facebook page and twitter feed

Our intent is that you discover tips along the way to enhance your photography. Here's to a another year of adventures behind the lens. Happy 2016!

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