Adobe Brings Firefly Generative AI to Mobile Apps


It’s everywhere!

man in black shirt standing on green grass field during daytime
Man in black shirt standing on green grass field during daytime. Photo by Jerry Zhang

Artificial intelligence that is, particularly when it comes to generative platforms.

Now Adobe’s Firefly is on your mobile device and it could be a huge shift in not only how you use generative AI but also who uses it (think the young, hip, social media crowd, among others).

Senior Vice President, Adobe Express and Digital Media Services at Adobe Govind Balakrishnan said of the app, “Millions of users around the world are turning to Adobe Express to create more content than ever before – more than doubling the number of creations ever made in just the last year. The new Adobe Express mobile app puts Firefly – our generative AI models – front and center, giving users unprecedented ways to create videos, designs, photos and images that stand out.”

Features are pretty much what you would expect and that’s good because it means this isn’t a diluted version by any means.

That includes: text to image, generative fill, text effects, video, content templates, scheduler, and collaborative tools.

Initially, Firefly will be in beta mode which means it might not work as intended. On the bright side, however, it is free while it is in beta. If you’ve wanted to give it a shot, now’s your chance. Of course, it will be available for both iOS and Android. If you’re interested in participating in the Firefly beta, you can sign up for the iOS or the Android version of the testing phase at the Adobe website at this link right here. Once everything goes live, we’ll be sure to update you.

Do you use Adobe Firefly? Let us know your thoughts on the platform in the comments.

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