AI-Generated Influencer Flops Hard with Formula E Fans


Artificial intelligence is coming for everyone, even influencers!

yellow and black f 1 car on road during daytime
Yellow and black f 1 car on road during daytime. Photo by Kenny Leys

And while most of us probably won’t shed a tear over that, it is somewhat a sign of the times that someone is already trying that exact concept out.

As you can imagine, it’s not being well received in the marketplace of ideas, namely, Formula E fans.

In a stunt that could only come out of a marketing boardroom, Formula E racing team Mahindra attempted to field an AI-generated fan influencer much to the chagrin and displeasure of its intended audience.

Called “Ava Beyond Reality,” the “AI Ambassador” was intended to appeal to a new audience but ended up being such a bad idea that the content supporting Ava was taken down 48 hours after its debut, Car and Driver reports.

Naturally, the whole thing raised questions about what this was intended to do as well as why an actual female fan couldn’t be used instead of an AI creation.

Certain to go down in the Internet hall of shame, the profile for “Ava Rose” on Instagram also featured such pandering language as “Sustainable Tech Queen” and “Racing Rebel Robot,” Car and Driver notes.

The website also notes that posts from the “influencer” included advice on the need to “recharge the mind, the body, and the soul,” which are, Benjamin Hunting writes, “three things that this artificial marketing-machina did not possess.”

The solution to all of this, obviously, is to employ an actual influencer. If you want something genuine and authentic, you can’t fake that, a concept we talk about here time and time again when it comes to AI content. Whether this notion will change – or AI content achieves such a level of fidelity that reality and artificiality are no longer indistinguishable – will probably be the debate that shapes how people approach technology for a long time moving forward.

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