Amazing Pic of a Whale Shark Ferrying 50 Remora in Its Mouth Wins Scuba Diving Photography Contest


More often than not we are talking about some kind of accident or tragedy when animals make it into our headlines.

Photo by Derek Keats from Pexels.

But today we’re talking about something pretty cool and certainly an epic shot for the photographer that captured it.

The recent winning photo from a scuba diving contest not only illustrates the complexity of life on this planet but also just how mesmerizing photographs of it can be.

That’s because the winning photo is of a whale shark’s mouth wherein no less than fifty remoras are hanging out, hitching a ride through the deep blue sea on one of the world’s largest mammals.

The winner of Scuba Diving magazine’s annual “Through Your Lens” contest, the photo was taken by photographer Evans Baudin and beat 2,600 other entries for the top spot.

From PetaPixel’s quote of the winning shot:

“Description: In June 2020, with a special permit, I went on an expedition to document marine life and the effects of reduced marine traffic due to COVID-19. After two hours in the water with a school of silky sharks near the surface, our boat captain yelled, “Whale shark, right behind you!”—a 12-plus-meter female. The surprise was twofold when I discovered about 50 remoras peacefully enjoying a free ride in her mouth!

Gear: Sony Alpha 7R III in a Nauticam housing; Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L fisheye; natural light

Settings: f/8; 1/250; ISO 640”

You can view the winning shot by clicking here.

Aside from the grand prize, photos were also chosen as winners in the Behavior, Compact Camera, Macro, and Wide Angle categories.

You can check out all of the winners as well as runners-up by clicking here.

What do you think of the winning pic? Let us know your thoughts on the winner – and the other submissions – in the comments section below if you like.

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“…hitching a ride through the deep blue sea on one of the world’s largest mammals.”

Whale sharks are not whales, they are sharks. Thus, not mammals.

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