Polar Bear Tries to Break Into Wildlife Photographer’s Pod Like a Kinder Egg and It’s All on Video


Wildlife photography has a way of “putting you right there” that makes some of us appreciative of the art but also wary of its dangers.

And in today’s extra large helping of “Thanks, but no thanks,” a BBC wildlife video captured a polar bear trying to break open the journalist’s pod in order to eat him alive for better lack of a description.

BBC filmmaker Gordon Buchanan was filming polar bears in Canada back in 2013 when the incident happened. Though it is a little old by now the video has resurfaced because Buchanan will be starring in a new series according to FStoppers.

As the video points out, polar bears are some of the few animals to view humans as potential prey by default. Large and quite powerful, a hungry polar bear is nothing that anyone wants to stumble upon casually – if at all.

You can watch the video here on YouTube.

Gordon Buchanan remains as calm as one could while the polar bear tries every way possible to get inside his pod. It looks like a pretty safe and secure place to be – that is until you notice that the polar bear can stick his paws and snout through an opening in the enclosure.

Eventually the polar bear loses interest in Gordon and decides opening the pod will consume too much energy. Living in such frigid conditions not only requires a daily diet full of calories but also conservative expenditures of accumulated energy. It takes a lot to stay warm, basically.

For his part, Gordon remains incredibly calm throughout the ordeal but you can tell he’s shaken by it all in his recap at the end. Who wouldn't be? But at least he has some epic footage to share with posterity.

What about you? Are you a wildlife photographer? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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