Amazon Releases AI-Generated Image Platform


The AI game just got a new, major player in the form of one of the world’s largest e-commerce websites.

an amazon store with a person sitting in front of it
An amazon store with a person sitting in front of it. Photo by Yender Gonzalez

That’s right, Amazon is joining, well, everyone in the race to dominate commercial photography via artificial intelligence. Similar to other platforms, Titan Image Generator can accomplish a range of tasks based on the user’s specification with the touted feature being quick background swap for product photos.

TechCrunch quoted Vice President for data and machine learning services at Amazon Web Services Swami Sivasubramanian and his remarks on the Titan Image Generator, writing:

“[You] can use the model to easily swap out an existing [image] background to a background of a rainforest [for example]. …[And you] can use the model to seamlessly swap out backgrounds to generate lifestyle images, all while retaining the main subject of the image and to create a few more options.”

Sivasubramanian described how the Titan Image Generator was trained using various datasets and how it protects users from image tampering via watermark. Basically, it’s pretty on par with other services we’ve written about here on this blog albeit with the worldwide reach of Amazon and its various platforms.

There’s also the company’s commitment, along with others, to fight abuse and the use of AI image generators for misinformation. As TechCrunch notes, however, it isn’t really clear how Amazon is watermarking these images to combat this kind of misuse. Maybe over time more information will become available but one thing is quite clear from this news and that is that AI is far from a fad and likely here to stay.

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