Dreaming On The Dance Flour – Inceptions Of A Ballerina Frozen In Time


The Effects This Photographer Has Created Using Tons Of Flour And A Ballerina Are Stunning

Dreaming on the dance flour is a metaphoric project that portrays the inceptions of a very young ballerina.

To be precise, these were frozen in time by Andrei Mihai Cristian, a talented Romanian photographer who has great respect and appreciation for ballet.

Beautifully put, in Andrei's own words:

“I am a sociable person, so photography for me is mostly about expression and people.

It is important for me to create that special bond with the subject that can add value to the message and make all the difference. I break the rules, because I believe there are no limits. From my perspective photography is an art of expression.

It is not about what camera you are using, what lens, what framing but rather about that unique moment that you hope to freeze in time. That moment should be a reflection of who you are and how you feel.”


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian

You'll probably agree, Andrei has done an amazing job capturing the inceptions of thirteen-year-old ballerina Anca Berteanu, who has been practicing ballet since she was five years old.

When asked if Andrei had anything to share with us about his project “Dreaming on the dance flour,” this is what he said:

“For me, ballet is “The Art of Educated Human Body to Move in Grace.” It involves discipline, dedication and (almost) infinite hours of training.

Last year I did a project called Urban Swan, that represented my idea of success and how big the gap is between what we see, and what really lies behind the curtain. That led me to put together this powerful antithesis: ballet art and city dust.

Now, with “Dreaming on the Dance Flour” I am trying to portray the inceptions of a ballerina’s career. The project, it is a metaphor, the “flour” representing the challenges that every kid has to face to be able to dream on their feet.

Trust me, there are a lot of them and the road is a long and exhausting one.

The little ballerina that you see here is Anca Berteanu. She is 13 years old and has been practicing ballet since she was five. You might think that she is a delicate and fragile human being. And yes, that may be true, on the outside. She must be, because she’s a ballerina. But the real magic comes from inside, where she is as tough as iron because she wants to take over the bigger scenes of the world.”

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Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian



Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


Image by Andrei Mihai Cristian


You can see from these images just what Andrei is capable of producing, with his focus on capturing the photo, the person frozen in time for a moment, and less around the technicalities of aperture, shutter speed and lighting.

The artificial light, black background and presence of all this flour make for some really compelling images which I feel really tell miniature stories of their own. Not only do they demonstrate Andrei's talents as a photographer, but also those of Anca and her gift as a dancer.

Further Resources – Andrei's Work To Follow

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