Angry Woman Causes Child to Cry While Screaming at Families to Stop Taking Christmas Pics in a Public Park


In what is almost a subgenre of public interactions in the United States anymore, capturing footage of someone ranting and raving like everyone and his mother doesn’t have a camera is as much a mark of modernity as the smartphone itself.

We have racial profiling when African American families try to eat in a park and we have drunken political rants that end up costing people their jobs. These videos run the gamut of possible content but each and every person who watches them can’t help but wonder, “Don’t these people know that smartphones exist?”

Unfortunately, no, but, in many cases, it doesn’t seem like they know the rules of society exist in general.

As is the case with this angry, irate woman screaming at a group of people in a public park as they take photographs. She gets so out of control that she causes a child to cry and (we assume) the photographer to issue a threat of calling the police.

We’ve told you about cases where people are getting out of control with their photo shoots (you can read that here), but, here, only one person is out of control. You can watch the video by clicking here.

Nickolette Mottola was taking Christmas pictures in Coral Springs’ Orchid Park when the session was interrupted by the seemingly irate Debbi DeCaro, according to PetaPixel.

DeCaro told the families taking pictures, “Every week, they were here yesterday…yesterday! Every weekend…This is not your professional studio space! […] Get a studio space, you idiot!”

Mottola was there with her boyfriend Angel Ruiz who is the person we can thank for the absolutely epic video above.

In an Facebook post describing the incident, Ruiz writes:

“So Nikki was taking pics of her friends kids over at Coral Springs [Orchid Park] when this lady started flipping on us because we were talking pictures in a park that’s only meant for family and kids[…]. So much for being for kids when she was the one that was none stop with the profanity. We were nothing but polite. But that didn’t stop her from being nasty and making other kids cry. I don’t have on video, but she then goes to her car and holds the horn down for maybe 5 min. She was honking because there was a maternity shoot [happening] about 100ft away from her, when she then [proceeded] to spew nothing but profanity. I think She lives in the neighborhood south of the park.”

Most mysteriously, DeCaro accused Mottola and Ruiz of using the park for photo shoots every week, which makes little to no sense. Mottola and Ruiz did bring some props along with them for their Christmas photo shoot, but we doubt that is a weekly tradition.

A park ranger on hand told the couple they didn’t do anything wrong since it was not a professional photo shoot. Professional photo shoots do require a permit according to the regulations in Coral Springs but, Mottola and Ruiz were in the clear as long as they were not “disruptive.” Regular families in the park taking pictures do not require a permit.

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Wow that woman was so far in the wrong it’s not funny I feel for that family especially the child who had to hear that I bet she wouldn’t like it if someone had reacted that way to her guess she never heard of the golden rule

That public park cannot be used for professional photography without a permit.

The white woman may be angry, but she is in the right.

The latino woman in the video claiming that she’s “just taking family photos” is Nickolette Mottola and she is a professional photographer.

Nickolette was breaking the law repeatedly, and this video is just her pretending to be the victim rather than pay for the permits she is required to.

And you fell for it.

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