Annoyingly Your Old iPhone Photo Apps May Not Work With The New Mac Update


If there is one constant in life, it is change.

And Apple prides itself on not only embracing change but also implementing it on a regular basis.

Apple users are typically the first to embrace the company's latest innovation but that doesn't mean these updates aren't a pain to deal with sometimes, especially when you've developed a certain workflow with a suite of software.

The recent operating system upgrade for Apple systems, Mac OS X Mojave, is winning rave reviews for its revamped user interface and new features.

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But one thing that is not making anybody happy is the lack of support for 32-bit apps in Mac OS X Mojave, leaving some photographers out in the dark so to speak when it comes to some of their favorite software, especially that which might be a bit older and lacking in updates.

The announcement at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) that Mojave would not support 32-bit apps was nonetheless an expected one and something the company has hinted at for some time. As anyone who has upgraded their system will tell you, it is amazing how small changes can lead to massive disruptions in daily workflow. Not only is that part of the reason this upgrade might be dreaded by some but also another reason why it is so important to try to stay ahead of the curve.

This probably won’t be a problem in the future with cloud-based everything (and the perpetual upgrades that entails) but for now, users that have stayed behind on older software may find themselves looking for workarounds soon. After the update is implemented the system will give a user a warning about the 32-bit app and its upcoming deprecated status similar to what Apple did for Mac iOS during its transition from 32-bit to 64-bit apps.

If you’re curious about what 32-bit apps you might be running on your Mac, the website Mac Rumors has a handy guide for how to check that status.

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