Apple Latest Company to Face Issues Due to Worldwide Chip and Product Shortage


In what is becoming a frighteningly regular headline, the worldwide chip and general product shortage impacting many of the world’s biggest companies are now hitting its most valuable.

Photo by iPhone 13 Pro Max from Apple.

Bloomberg reports that Apple might join the rest of the world in facing product supply problems and during the crucial Fall/Winter shopping period no less.

And, while chip shortages tend to get more play in the press, Bloomberg reveals evidence that the shortages are impacting a broad range of products. Everything from the brand new iPhone 13 to the new iMacs is reportedly facing shortages. In one piece of evidence meant to underscore just how deep these supply issues go, Bloomberg also reports that Apple’s oft-derided though apparently popular Polishing Cloth is on the list of products that could be in short supply this Fall/Winter.

Being a financial news agency, Bloomberg really hones in on where this will hit Apple the most and that is in revenues and profits. Because the iPhone is among the products most likely to face problems, Cupertino could disappoint investors when it reports financials later on given how large a share of overall revenues the smartphone segment contributes to the company’s bottom line.

We’re seeing some of the same things happen with cameras and equipment; companies like Nikon, Canon, and Sony are facing shortages just as they’re either launching new products or attempting to support growing ecosystems already out there.

These shortages have outright led to the cancellation of some products, as we reported earlier this month. The crazy thing is that we’ve been talking about this since about this time last year. Optimists are pointing to new chip production coming online in 2022 to help ease the squeeze in that area but who knows what’s going to happen with other parts of the supply chain.

Of course, we’ll try to keep you as updated as we can so you can plan your purchases as much as possible during this somewhat chaotic time.

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