Supply Chain Issues May Cause Canon to Outright Cancel Some Products – Report


We updated you yesterday on the growing list of Canon products that will be delayed due to logistical issues.

trowed black Canon DSLR camera
Photo by Jakob Owens

Now it looks like we’re going to start reporting on outright product cancellations according to FStoppers who cite a source at Canon Rumors.

And, again, the culprit is the same supply-chain issues that is plaguing multiple industries right now.

The only problem is that we don’t have a specific hold on what might be on the chopping block; it is being reported that some products are being reworked to see if they can come to market in a form viable for mass production and still relevant enough for consumers from a tech standpoint.

As FStoppers points out, this strategy likely applies to the company’s range of cameras as lens technology is a less dynamic field than the iterative nature of new camera models.

Even with these issues, it didn’t stop Canon from debuting its new fisheye VR lens…only for it to be added to the company’s “delayed” products list right afterward.

It is also worth reiterating that this situation is occurring across multiple industries from video games to cars. Sony and Nikon have also talked about issues they’ve had and we’ve even reported on rising prices as a result. Couple all of this with the multiple trade show cancellations and 2021 just isn’t the year to launch something new – or support a new product line without a well-established logistics chain.

When we get word on specific cancellations, we’ll let you know.

Are you looking forward to anything new this year that is either delayed or outright canceled because of COVID-19-related production issues? Let us know your thoughts on Canon’s situation and the broader industry landscape in the comments below.

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