Apple Looking Into Integrating Google Gemini AI with iPhone


The AI revolution continues apace as reports emerged today that Apple is talking to none other than rival Google in the hopes of potentially integrating the latter’s Gemini artificial intelligence platform into the iPhone.

black android smartphone displaying home screen
Black android smartphone displaying home screen. Photo by The Average Tech Guy

And the timeline is pretty tight, too, with a release target rumored to be later this year. Cupertino is also in talks with OpenAI, Bloomberg reports.

If you’re wondering why Apple isn’t using its own AI, well, some are saying this might imply that it isn’t quite ready for primetime. After all, in the smartphone arms race, the last thing you want is to be seen as less than cutting-edge when you command the prices Apple does. That said, people are expecting Apple to have its own AI system of some kind but whether or not that would supplement or replace this rumored integration is sort of beyond the rumor’s scope.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes, “A deal would give Gemini a key edge with billions of potential users. But it also may be a sign that Apple isn’t as far along with its AI efforts as some might have hoped — and threatens to draw further anti-trust scrutiny of both companies.”

When would we hear about anything official? Look towards Apple’s WWDC in June to see if anything is made official although we’ll probably have some idea before that. You might recall some of our recent stories about Gemini’s launch and its more than a few hiccups along the road. No doubt this kind of stuff will be worked out prior to any arrival on Apple’s iPhones.

Any thoughts you might have on Google’s Gemini or artificial intelligence in general are welcome in the comments below.

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