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Destin Sparks is a self-taught photographer who harnesses the power of digital & film medium format cameras to capture rare and beautiful landscapes from around the world. Destin shares his knowledge of photography via Photography Tours and Workshops and is a frequent contributor to various blogs, websites and competitions such as the Proify Photography Awards. Follow Destin on: Instagram | | Facebook | 500px

5 Key Steps to Build Credibility as a Photographer

You want the truth but can you handle the truth? The cold harsh reality is the stereotypical photographer sucks at marketing themselves, its okay though, I do too. It’s one thing to be a kickass photographer and it’s another to be a kickass successful photographer. Ever notice sometimes the photographers getting all the attention aren’t all that? It’s because they’re better at marketing than they are at photography.

So You Want to Use My Images For Free?

It’s quite a poetic note, isn’t it? How many times has this happened to you? Once, twice, yearly, monthly even…….? What do you do? Well firstly, take it as a compliment. But seriously, someone thinks your work is high enough quality to represent their company – that’s a real accomplishment! Kudos to you. But for free? Well, we’ll see about that.

Panoramic Photography – The Art of Stitching

In landscape photography, panoramas are always hugely popular with both audiences and photographers alike. Let’s take a look at how to get panoramic shots that really wow people. Orientation & Focal Length – Portrait or Landscape? Hands down no questions asked; if you intend to take headache free, good quality panoramas, shoot in portrait orientation. […]