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How to Get Your Photo on a Book Cover

When I discovered the world of books at a young age, I was positively overwhelmed by the beauty of covers. In the childrens’ section, most books were adorned by vibrant illustrations and sketches. The covers that really caught my attention, however, were photographs of people, nature, and abstract worlds that resided in the library’s adolescent […]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Editing Time in Lightroom

Maybe you’re the kind of photographer who takes an abundance of photos for fun. Perhaps you’re a wedding or portrait photographer who takes hundreds of photos during a single photo shoot. Whoever you are, it’s very likely that you’ve heard of a process commonly known as efficient editing. This type of editing seems to belong […]

An Interview with Gifted Photographer, Gina Vasquez

I came across Gina Vasquez’s work at the very beginning of my creative journey in the photograph realm. Her incredibly vibrant and deeply touching self-portraits blew me away. Many of her shots featured things like light bulbs glowing on the beach, goldfish floating in balloons, and hundreds of birds decorating the sky. This phenomenal creativity […]

How to Take Compelling Self-Portraits

Self-portraits. You may associate them with vanity and arrogance. You might even consider self-portraiture an overrated genre and dismiss it completely. In reality, taking compelling photos of oneself is far more than a desire to look gorgeous. There is an abundance of photographs which feature the artists themselves expressing negative or neutral emotions; though seemingly […]