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20 Exciting Photo Prompts to Inspire You

Confusion and lack of motivation are inevitable. If you're in the middle of a creative block, don't worry. You might need a few simple exercises to refresh your mind and discover a whole new world of photography ideas.

1. Take Photos of Everything Through Mirrors

Mathieu Stern

We're used to seeing the world from a specific angle. To spice things up, change the way you look at the world by photographing reflections only. Use unusual mirrors and pieces of glass to keep your photos unique.

2. Take Only One Photo a Day

Viviana Rishe

In the age of digital photography, it's easy to take photos for granted. Limit yourself to one photo a day only.

This might make you more aware of how you approach your ideas and help you figure out what you love photographing the most.

3. Use a Wide-Angle Lens to Take Vertical Photos

Jose Liamas

Wide-angle lenses are often used to take horizontal pictures. If you use them vertically, you'll get unusually distorted portraits.

This is a fun way to change your perspective and play around with different shooting styles.

4. Capture Your Favourite Places with a Polaroid Camera

Nazym Jumadilova

Use any analogue camera to take photos of your favourite places. If you love instant gratification, use an instant camera. 🙂

This activity will ground you and force you to look at your favourite locations from a creative point of view.

(The locations don't have to be extravagant. In fact, keep them as simple as possible to improve your creative thinking skills!)

5. Photograph Every Member of Your Family

Daiga Ellaby

There can never be enough photos of your loved ones. Take photos of every member of your family, from oldest to youngest.

You can accompany each photo with stories about their lives or simply use the images in a special photo album that posterity can cherish in the future. Think of it as an opportunity to freeze special moments in time.

6. Create a Fake Analogue Effect

Yang Deng

If you don't have an analogue camera, why not re-create a visually aesthetic vintage effect in Photoshop? You can use free online resources to create light leaks, dust, scratches, etc.

This will improve your editing skills and teach you how to enhance simple photos.

7. Make Simple Subjects Look Unique

Samuel Cesar

Many photographers (including myself) like to look for unique subjects in their work. Sometimes, the best way to inspire yourself is to do the opposite of that: find unique ways to photograph simplicity. Try to take unusual photos of everyday objects like plants, cups, and books.

8. Photograph Different Shadows

Ian Battaglia

Instead of taking photos of a person or thing, focus on its shadow. Shadows may be simple, but they can also be emotional if you photograph them correctly. They're a great opportunity to learn how to see potential in things that other people overlook.

9. Purposely Take Out-Of-Focus Photos

Pawel Szmanski

Sharp, clear photos are often a priority in every photographer's life. If you're feeling uninspired, maybe you need to loosen up and break a few rules. If you're photographing a person, take blurred photos of them or focus on their background instead.

10. Use the Square Format

Hanna Busing

There are many photographers who stick to a specific format in their work. Some like panoramas, while others focus exclusively on the square format.

For this exercise, simply crop your images so that they're square. The limited space will force you to think about symmetry, boundaries, and composition in an entirely new way.

11. Take Photos Behind People


Murad Osmann is a famous photographer who takes photos of his wife during their travels. The images are unique because they rarely feature his wife's face.

You can follow Murad's lead and take photos behind people as they work on their hobbies, travel, or simply enjoy everyday life.

12. Re-Create Old Family Pictures

The Joy of Film

Look through old family photos and find images that you'd like to re-create using modern equipment. You don't have to be in the pictures, although it would be cool if you re-created your own childhood photos!

13. Document the Various Stages of Life

Paula May

Pregnancy, childhood, marriage, etc., are all very special parts of life. If you're looking for a long-term project, find a person whose journey you'd like to document.

You could photograph the stages of pregnancy, a teenager's experience in high school, or your own personal journey during a specific period of your life.

14. Use Simple Backgrounds for All of Your Pictures (Or Not)

Olena Sergienko

If you spend a lot of time thinking about backgrounds, switch to very simple ones. If you already like using simple backgrounds, try to pay more attention to them. Do the opposite of what you're used to.

15. Re-Create a Metaphor

Manu Schwendener

There are many clever metaphors and similes out there. Make a list of your favourite ones and try to re-create them using simple objects.

16. Shoot in Black & White Mode Only

Lucas Mendes

Shoot in black and white mode to remove colourful distractions and see the world from a fresh perspective. Then, take photos of everything you usually photograph for a week.

17. Re-Create Your Photos with a Smartphone Camera

Olena Sergienko

Look through your portfolio. Do you have any photos that stand out to you the most? Try to re-create them using your smartphone camera. You can use an advanced camera app. The simpler it is, the better.

18. Use Long Exposure Photography Techniques in Your Backyard

Samuel Ferrara

Long exposure photographers often go to extravagant places to take pictures. Do the opposite of that. Take photos at home, in your backyard, or in the simplest place you can imagine. Look for potential in insignificant places.

19. Shoot Everything from a Very Low Angle

Gaston Roulstone

Like many of these challenges, this is meant to force you to see the world from a new perspective. Shoot everything from a very, very low angle. The world will look completely different, which might inspire you in unexpected ways.

20. Take 100 Candid Street Photos

Arthur Osipyan

And finally, if you're a fan of street photography, go out there and take 100 unique photos of people and places. Make sure the photos are candid but visually appealing. This is a fun way to introduce yourself to the genre without having to approach strangers directly.

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