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A Guide to Time and Motion in Photography

One of the fundamental tools that a photographer has at his/her disposal is the ability to record time. This isn’t just the moment in time, or the ‘decisive moment’, as Cartier-Bresson called it, but the duration of the time interval as well. It’s a matter of when and how long. We can not only get the […]

How to Photograph Museums and Galleries

Behind the often stolid walls of our galleries and museums lies objects of often indescribable beauty. Art, archaeology, artifacts taken out of their context and displayed for us to admire, comprehend, understand and where we often feel the inadequacy of our own capacity to duplicate, replicate, imitate or emulate. Photo by Tom Dinning Never fear. […]

A Snapper’s Guide to Street Photography

One of the exciting things about photography is the anticipation of ‘the shot’ – hunting down the moment in time that is worth recording and being there with your camera poised when it happens. Photo by tom dinning No genre of photography creates this anticipation like ‘Street Photography’; moving with the crowd, ever alert to […]