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Black and White Flowers – A Study in Form

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This is a guest collection by Tom Dinning. Download Tom's latest book, “Learning to See” for free here.
They say you can win the heart of a woman with a bunch of colourful flowers. My success rate in that endeavour has been limited so I'm not one to comment. But I do know that photographers are particularly drawn to the colourful displays found in their back yard, parks or botanical gardens.

I am also aware that sometimes the colour is so intense we can miss another layer of beauty hidden within the sepals, petals, and anthers; that of FORM.
By removing the colour it is possible to see this Form more clearly. Black and white photography enables the viewer to concentrate on other aspects of composition and detail without the strong dominance of colour.
Here are a few from my collection that might encourage you to give it a try.
All images have been converted from RAW files by a combination of programs including Lightroom, Photoshop and Camera RAW converter.
Starting with flower clusters we can find patterns quite intriguing.

Getting a little closer can result in a look into a whole new world of form and texture.

Still life with flowers as the subject can be rewarding as well. This gives you an opportunity to really concentrate on the form.

Get the macro lens out and yet another layer is revealed.

…to a point where abstraction is all we have left.

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