Automattic Lightroom Plugin for WordPress Integration – Simplicity Has Arrived!


Lightroom & WordPress Are Officially Communicating

If like most people who own a website with professional images on it, you will at some stage in your workflow have used some photo editing software. In this instance, we're talking about Adobe Lightroom and a newly released plugin by Automattic – yes, a brand new Lightroom plugin for WordPress.

The Lightroom-Wordpress Plugin is Here

Well, last week Automattic announced the release of a new FREE Plugin for Lightroom so users can export their images from Lightroom directly to WordPress. It works with sites, sites and Jetpack-powered websites too.

The plugin will require users of course to have access to their WordPress site and it's a case of editing in Lightroom as per normal, then exporting these directly to your WP media library.

What Else is Up with this Lightroom Plugin for WordPress?

Titles and Captions are also exported with each image, meaning all your embedded descriptions, keywords etc are all in WordPress automatically. If you are exporting tons of photos at once, be prepared to exercise some patience…they will get there, slowly but surely.

Automattic representative John Godley had these tips relating to upload size and compression for users:

“ can handle pretty much anything you throw at it! I personally go for a high quality and large size so it looks good on a HiDPI screen, and then let WordPress resize as necessary to fit the viewers device.”

Now, although the number of website owners and bloggers who actively use Lightroom to edit their images prior to uploading to their site is somewhat few (when looking at overall WP users) this could still prove to be a huge time-saving LR plugin for many photobloggers and photographers alike.

This has huge potential to be a great time-saving invention and mainly to take out some of the monotony of uploading images to your WP Media Library after post editing in Lightroom.

Yep, You Need Adobe Lightroom

The ONLY prerequisite is that those who download the plugin must own a copy of Adobe Lightroom (either subscription of standalone). Many photographers will welcome this with open arms, others perhaps not feel the need.

Either way, why not download it and have a go – see if it improves your workflow…what's to lose?

Further Learning

Master RAW image processing in Lightroom with this awesome course by Joshua Cripps!
With 8 chapters in the course plus several RAW files to work on included, this is a great one for any Lightroom user.

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