“Blair Witch” Wedding Videographer Gives It Up After Multiple Customer Complaints Over Footage Received


It’s rare in the world of photography that a mistake is made and then admitted to in a public space. Heck, it’s a rarity in the world in general.

Jeremy Wong from Pexels.

But one photographer had to come to the realization that wedding videography might not be his thing after multiple complaints from former clients – so many, in fact, that A Current Affair ran a special on it.

Comparing his skills to the infamous “found footage” of the Blair Witch, the somewhat disarmingly named Simplicity Films charged clients about $AUD 1,900 to film their nuptials which, for most of us, would have been a red flag alone.

Any wedding photographer and videographer worth their salt is going to charge you a whole lot more money but even that doesn’t guarantee you a quality product.

Unfortunately, the Melbourne studio’s low prices also indicated its quality and more than a few customers purchased the “cinematic video package.”

Naturally, this was bolstered by footage on the website that showed a professional, often dramatic style that was, in theory, supposed to be applied to client wedding video.

In reality, the owner of Simplicty Studios was a 12th-year Australian student and thus woefully under-experienced for what can be a dizzyingly difficult gig in filming a wedding.

FStoppers quotes one bride who said, “The footage of me walking down the isle is just disgusting. He's cut off my head, my dad's head, and most of it is of my bum. It's horrible.”

Further, she claims that she only received a three-and-a-half-minute long video and that most of the video was of “her bum” and that it contained her husband’s wedding speech but cut off in an awkward spot.

The clients were supposed to also receive the raw footage from the event but most have not. When asked about the footage, the owner of Simplicity Studios, identified as Ashley, broke off contact with clients and, we’re assuming, just hoped that angry brides would go away. Because that’s what happens?

When confronted by tabloid news show A Current Affair, Ashley said he should “probably” close down his photography business. Of course, this happened in Australia, but here in the States he could possibly be facing some fraud issues depending on how he went about it.

What do you think? Do you know Australian law? Let us know what Ashley can expect from these disgruntled clients. Also, let us know what you think: A case of “buyer beware” or an active fraud?

You let us know your opinion. Remember: The videographer presented himself with experience he didn’t have, turned out a product that was less than acceptable, then dipped on his clients once they asked what was up. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Interesting read I’d be is mad as the bride and groom TBH. Thank you for sharing

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