BMW iX M60 Intros In-Car Selfie Feature


It’s pretty amazing how much has changed in less than fifteen years. We went from a world where rudimentary cameras were just starting to be put on cell phones to one where smartphones and other devices have pretty sophisticated photographic equipment almost by default.

person holding BMW vehicle steering wheel
Person holding BMW vehicle steering wheel. Photo by Andras Vas

This next story illustrates that quite clearly and, for some of us, probably underscores some of the more controversial trends of our times.

After all, did you ever get in your car and think to yourself “Wow, it sure would be nice if my car could take a selfie for me!”

Some people want just that, at least as far as the BMW iX M60 is concerned. PetaPixel wrote up an interesting story about how the German automaker is introducing a cheeky-but-fully-functional selfie feature in the iX.

It can be set up to use voice activation and even allows for a timer so you can compose yourself. As for “why” BMW is doing all of this, PetaPixel discovered an even more interesting fact about the BMQ iX M60 and that is that the selfie feature is probably not its craziest…or most innovative to use marketing parlance.

The selfie feature is part of a range of connectivity options in the car that includes the ability to use your PlayStation 5, among other things like live streaming. Of course, all of this asks the question “Who wants this?”

That aside, we’re going to cheer on the continued expansion of photography into nearly everything, with a few caveats, naturally, and privacy being chief among them. In that vein, the BMW selfie can’t be taken while the is in motion but it can be activated potentially by passengers using voice commands. It can also take pictures in the event of a crash but does not have video capabilities, PetaPixel reports.

What do you think of cameras being put into every consumer product imaginable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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