This Cable Cam Will Help You Get Impossible Film Shots


Wiral LITE, the cable cam system for aspiring indie film directors and action stars alike, has launched to wild acclaim on Kickstarter, raising over $US 250,000 since arrival with twenty seven days remaining in the campaign as of publication.

Wiral LITE is a proposed easy-to-use, affordable cable cam tailored for GoPro cameras or devices weighing up to 3.3 lbs.

Joining the exploding active camera market, Wiral LITE is touted as an add-on accessory that will help photographers get that impossible angle while filming, adding a Hollywood flare to their productions for a budget price.

The Wiral LITE is a universal camera mount and can hold smartphones, action cameras, and mirrorless cameras. The device has some big name users behind it and a few should be no strangers to fans of BMX racing: iBikeRide, Fat BMX, and DC Rainmaker, among others.

Wiral LITE image via Kickstarter.

Wiral LITE advertises six main advantages to using an action camera with their system.

  • It allows photographers to film in narrow spaces.
  • Wiral LITE can get a photographer more dynamic shots by getting captures that are “closer to the action.”
  • The device allows for filming in no fly zones – not quite a drone substitute, but you get the idea.
  • The accessory has a long battery life.
  • Works with existing gear.
  • Allows for easy capture of motion-time lapse photos.

Wiral LITE’s creators have particularly honed in on the drone-replacement aspect of the system and have even made a video comparing the two. While not touting it as a full drone replacement, Wiral LITE’s creators do emphasize the more nuanced nature of the shots that can be achieved using their system.

The idea for Wiral LITE began in December 2015 and the team is promising its Kickstarter backers a launch date of March 2018 – a bit aggressive and ambitious for such a new campaign. The project offers a bevy of rewards, most of which are claimed already, as well as accessories for your future Wiral LITE system but you should still check it out.

If you want to take your shots to the next level and add a cinematic touch to your art, then check out Wiral LITE’s affordable solution on Kickstarter and get in on the ground floor of this cool new accessory.

Wiral LITE image via Kickstarter.
Wiral LITE image via Kickstarter.
Wiral LITE image via Kickstarter.
Wiral LITE image via Kickstarter.

How to Use Wiral LITE

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