Canon 1D X Mark III Owners Reporting Lockup Problems Mid-Burst


It’s never easy making anything really high tech, especially if you’re talking optical equipment. The Canon 1D X Mark III is one of the most powerful cameras out there, but it looks like there are some problems.

Photo by EOS 1D1D X Mark III from Canon.

There are several reports creeping up all around the Internet that suggest all is not well with Canon’s 1D X Mark III: Owners are reporting that the camera is locking up mid-burst. And we’ve got a video of the problem in action.

You can view that over on YouTube by Hamilton Pytluk by clicking here.

So what’s going on? Apparently the problem is triggered after a few continuous shots. One shot will lock up the camera and then cause the whole system to go into sleep mode. Then the camera comes back online suddenly and continues operating until it repeats the above process – all seemingly without any real cause.

PetaPixel quotes one DPReview Forums user who wrote, “I have the same issue with the viewfinder ‘sleeping,’…Incredibly frustrating when shooting soccer or any fast-moving sport. I’m sending mine back as it’s currently not usable for me.”

As many people are pointing out, this kind of issue with that kind of camera is…mildly disappointing. Geared towards action photography such as sports and more, a mid-burst lockup issue is a really critical fault that we’re sure Canon will address soon if it is as widespread as reports seem to indicate.

Have you experienced this problem with the Canon 1D X Mark III? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section below if you like.

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