Canon and Nikon’s Rivalry Heats Up in the Full-Frame Mirrorless Space


You didn’t expect Canon to sit back and stay silent did you?

Rumors are being bandied about that Canon plans on challenging its rival Nikon in the full-frame mirrorless space with a new piece of kit dropping possibly as early as next year if the whispers collected by Canon Rumors prove true.

Of course this news comes on the heels of the debut of Nikon’s full-frame mirrorless, the Z6 and the Z7.

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Similarly, Canon Rumors theorizes that there will be two responses from the company in relation to these new models with each being distinguished by the unit's performance. A top-of-the-line model could use a 30.4MP sensor with the lower-end model using something less with a staggered release for both occurring some time in 2019.

Canon Watch reports on a few more speculative details about the specs for the two models, dual pixel autofocus, IBIS (in body image stabilization), 10fps shooting, 4K (30fps)/ 1080P (60fps), a 28MP full-frame sensor and a sub-$2k price tag. Again, Canon Rumors is reporting on two models, one of which sports a 30.4MP sensor and Canon Watch is offering a model with a 28MP full-frame sensor. These could be the two models but again nothing is definite.

These new camera models could even make an appearance at Photokina in September according to Resource Magazine.

Of course we can expect announcements of new gear to ramp up over the coming months and it is almost a certainty that Canon will have more than a few cards up its sleeve in time for the holiday bonanza.

Many people eagerly await a flurry of new product announcements from the company, beginning before, during, and even after Photokina. These new products include everything from new lenses to new camera models. Basically this means that Canon fans will have more than enough stuff to look forward to as the year goes on and that is less speculation and more of a certainty.

We’ll keep you updated on new Canon gear as it arrives.

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