A Challenge to Sony’s Venice? Canon 6K Cinema Camera Rumors Persist


Canon is known as the maker of excellent, world-class cameras, a go-to source for photographers the world over.

Now the company wants to translate that optics expertise in the realm of cinematography in a bid to directly challenge Sony’s new Venice cinematic camera according to persistent rumors swirling around the brand.

The rumored 6K cinema camera from Canon will reportedly debut at EOS camera 2018 and will be pushed as a direct challenger to the Sony device.

Allegedly the camera will have a full-frame image sensor with a 6K readout according to FStoppers.

Image via Md Iftekhar Udin Emmon from Pexels.com.

This would be a first for Canon as the company has until now remained on the periphery of the cinematic camera business.

The expansion of their optics business into the high-end cinematography niche is seen by some analysts as a continuation of the trend of optics manufacturers pursuing the high-margin, high-cost cameras in light of their exceeding profitability when compared with lower-end consumer grade devices.

FStoppers’ Brett Hoy thinks the whole premise is strange for Canon, a company that he asserts is loathe to embrace flexibility, a trait that many cinematographers look for in the equipment they employ.

Further, Hoy asserts Canon simply does not inspire confidence in this area and sites the unwieldy 8K setup that Canon currently offers which is both cumbersome and comically complex.

Considering Canon’s expertise in numerous fields, however, such a product offering could make sense from both a financial and technological standpoint.

Hoy theorizes that Canon needs to bring something inspired to market in order to win over users, but perhaps merely offering an alternative will position Canon to begin pursuing a more innovative course once they’ve established a market foothold.

Of course, all of this is speculation as of press because the 6K C900 has yet to be confirmed. Should it materialize, you know we will be the first to let you know.

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