Drone Pilot Captures Epic Video of Moving Train


Paul Nurkkala’s “Flight of the Year” Shows Incredible View of Train Interior, Undercarriage, and View from on Top of Moving Cargo Train

Drone pilots and the video they capture continues to accelerate with the pace of change in the consumer drone and camera and video accessories market as these two paradigms march lockstep in their transformation of the fields of photography and videography.

Film, once the exclusive purview of filmmakers and Hollywood-level videographers is now increasingly within the reach of the average person. Camera shots, angles, and perspectives that were previously difficult to achieve are now assisted by consumer technology that is widely available and ubiquitous – who hasn’t had a family member or friend show up one day with some kind of flying drone, many of which can carry smartphones and GoPro cameras?

The footage captured by these photographers and videographers, both amateur and professional alike, is truly spectacular, none more so than the video above of Paul Nurkkala’s “Flight of the Year” in which he maneuvers his drone around a moving train.

As DPReview notes, this action is probably on the wrong side of most laws, but breathtaking nonetheless in its audacity.

The expert drone pilot flies the drone around the moving train, underneath it, on top of it – everywhere. All coupled with barrel rolls and flourishes of skill that would make an F1 pilot impressed.

Paul Nurkkala’s drone is a custom build that he designed himself. For the video capture, he used a GoPro Hero Session 5. He describes the equipment he used to make the drone in the YouTube video’s description.

You can follow his drone career at his webpage, located here: https://paulnurkkala.com/.

As of this article’s publication, the YouTube video has over 1.2 million views.

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