7 Epic European Landscape Photography Spots you Might Regret Not Seeing


Photographers! Check Out these European Landscape Photography Spots

Planning a trip to Europe with your tripod & gear or already live there?

By now, your Lonely Planet or National Geographic subscription is becoming almost nauseating at the opportunities you could potentially miss in the lifetime of a landscape photographer.

Either way, Europe, like other continents, has no shortage of absolutely mesmerizing landscapes to choose from.

It's a true paradise for landscape photographers and knowing where to begin can be a predicament in itself!?

Whilst this list is no way exhaustive, it's a place to start for you to do some research of your own should you plan a trip for two (you and your camera, of course) anytime soon. Call it inspiration.

European Landscape Photography Spots You Should See

We've got seven spots of what one might consider “well-known” areas of Europe to travel to for landscape shooting opportunities.

The more you get to know the continent, the more you'll discover the infinite other little gems – just asked resident photographer Jason in the Ukraine, he'll give you some great tips!

1. Iceland – For the Northern Lights

This is a spectacular show I have personally witnessed and though it can be seen from many parts of the northern hemisphere, Iceland also offer some beautiful and rugged landscape unique to this part of Europe.

european landscape photography spots
Image by Paul Morris

2. Spain – Breathtaking Andalucia

For those of you who reside in sunny California, you'll be no stranger to this warm and dry region of southern Spain. Covering over 17 per cent of Spain's landmass and steeped in ancient history, this is a beautiful region with many mountain ranges such as the colossal Sierra Nevada.

european landscape photography spots
Image by helenmlittle0

3. Italy – Tuscany

Italy must be on EVERYONE's European landscape photography spot list? These rolling hills over some beautiful views, terracotta roofs, vineyards and so much more. The image below just shows a snippet of so much of this country's elegance is represented.

european landscape photography spots
Image by Tolga Kilinc

4. Scotland – The Remote Highlands

When we think of Scotland, we often think of the freshwater loch known as Loch Ness, just outside of the gorgeous city of Inverness. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg as the further north you head, the more and more amazing landscapes you'll find.

Take the Isle of Sky, with scenes like this below, it's no wonder landscape photographers flock in their masses each year!

european landscape photography spots
Image by Frank Winkler

5. Norway – The Stunning Fjords

For sure, these fjords are on my bucket list and for good reason, I think. Norway's coast stretches around 18,000 miles meandering around 1,190 fjords – created by glacial erosion and what they leave behind is simply breathtaking.

Of course, there are many other destinations in the world with fjord formation, but in Europe, these are pretty darn famous!

european landscape photography spots
Image by Jonathan Reichel

6. France – Region of Provence

The glorious and historical region sits on the coast of Southeastern France bordering neighboring Italy to the east and the beautiful Mediterranean sea to the south.

It proudly boasts it's in-depth history, claiming some of the earliest settlements of humans in Europe.

If you're looking for stunning French landscape, ancient buildings and architecture, and dramatic views of the warm rich blue mediterranean sea, this could just be the quintessential spot for you.

european landscape photography spots
Image by Hans Braxmeier

7. Austria – Lush Green Landscapes

Last but not least, we've got Austria down on the list – how you imagine the breathtaking landscapes of Austria might come in the form of the photo below.

With nearly three-quarters of Austria dominated by the alps, it's no wonder such fascinating landscapes exist.Although generally one of the colder countries in Europe, visit during the summer for a pleasant average of 77°F.

european landscape photography spots
Image by Tom

Further Resources to Capture Those Awesome European Landscape Photography Spots

Further Learning

Now that you're finished looking over these images, are you thinking “yep, I've gotta get myself there”? Well, before we even get to that stage of booking a your flights perhaps you want to consider a little homework first?
This Guide then, is for YOU – “Landscape Photography Guide” by the team at Photzy – expertly written by pro photographer and author, Kent DuFault!

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Great article, but if I may, suggest that in South France, especially the Cevennes region including Lozere, you will the Lavender, geometric vineyards, mountains, and the Gorge du Tarn complete with some chateaus. It is incredible landscape, accessible, and empty in the off season.

BTW, for photo-tours, August, is the no-go time in France. Excellent spring and fall colors, with not a lot of snow in the wintertime. But summer, faggedabout it.

Excellent! Thank you for this article. I wish to grow my landscape portfolio outside of North America and had been considering Europe.

Great locations!!
I’m sure photographers with local knowledge can match these though.

BTW, it’s Isle of Skye ????

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