Fuji Exec Praises APS-C, Discusses Company’s Recent Performance During COVID-19


Fuji seems to be weathering the pandemic and concurrent economic fallout better than the competition, a new exec explained in a recent interview with Amateur Photographer.

Photo by Fujifilm North America from Pexels.

European President and Managing Director Toshi Iida sat down with the publication to discuss Fuji, how it has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, and what Iida thinks of Fuji’s APS-C system.

Pointing out there there was a general trend downward prior to the pandemic for many manufacturers, Iida highlighted that Fuji has managed to minimize any impact of COVID-19 with new products (the X-T4 and the X100V). In fact, Iida described Fuji’s performance as significantly better than the competition, noting a 0.4% decline in market share for the company. PetaPixel reports that the market overall has dropped some 20% this year due to COVID-19.

“I was glad to learn that even in the pandemic, the enthusiasm for innovative photography products strongly exists. Photography has been key in documenting and storytelling through the pandemic; it is a universal language and we are able to capture this unique time in history, and the power of print has brought comfort to many by looking through old memories during lockdowns – and beyond. This is something we must not forget. And I am glad to see the demand for on-line printing stay solid as people have more time at home and re-looking at their precious memories,” Iida told Amateur Photographer.

Concerning the APS-C system, Iida continued, “Why should photographers choose Fujifilm APS-C? To us, it is clear that APS-C is the best-balanced system.”

But the executive reiterated that image quality was still of the highest importance.

You can read the interview in full by clicking here.

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