Fujifilm Will “Never” Go Full-Frame, 100MP Beast Camera to Cost $10k


Prepare your wallets if you want to purchase Fuji’s new GFX 100MP super camera. Of course, depending on where you stand, the price might make the model an attractive option for certain photographers. But still, the price is a doozy.

Image via Fujifilm.

That’s because it’s going to cost a little less than a kei-car, coming in at a price of $USD 9,995. And it goes without saying, that’s before you start adding any accessories into the mix.

Natch, the 100MP medium-format beast will have 4K and in body image stabilization (IBIS).

As FStoppers reports, Fuji recently unmasked some of the more secretive details about the new 100MP medium-format camera at PhotoPlus Expo 2018. In an interview with Cameta Camera, Fujifilm also described a new AF processor that will be used in the GFX 100MP camera. Among other things, this will allow for faster autofocus on the camera.

Geared towards filmmakers, the new 100MP camera is designed for use out in the field with Fuji making specific mention of street photography according to Photo Rumors.

Fuji has introduced a slew of new products over the past several months, all beginning with the bonanza that was Photokina 2018.

Among other news out of Fuji is word from General Manager Toshida Iida that the company will “never go full-frame.”

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