50 Clever Geometric Photography Images


Documenting the various shapes, that is the geometry around us through photographs is often called geometric photography. If we look around, we can see a lot of shapes like circles, curves, lines, triangles, rectangles and so on, that are put together creatively to form structures. Sometimes, one can luckily find some in natural landscapes as well.

Geometric photography has no limits as different structures are built differently and we see these structures everywhere around us. Geometric photography helps bring emphasis to shapes, forms, patterns that most people would not notice much otherwise and these geometric patterns are most often seen in architectural structures.

With geometric photography, you can either focus on just the shapes and patterns by photographing them closely, look for symmetry, converging or intersecting lines, go for an abstract frames, shoot different perspectives, add an element in between the geometrical patterns to create a compelling image, look in landscapes, streets and roads for patterns/geometry or even go wide and photograph minimal structures.

If you are interested in geometric photography, here are some great shots for ideas and inspiration and we also have some resources towards the end that you can refer to for photographing geometry.

Lines in Geometric Photography:

architecture of ccpv
Image by Scott Webb
Image by Sergii Bozhko

Circles and Curves in Geometric Photography:

Image by Dan Freeman
pan pacific singapore
Image by Ambrose Chua

Symmetry in Geometric Photography:

point of view
Image by Luca Colapinto

Repetition in Geometric Photography:

window to minimalism
Image by Daniel Fazio
windows in a bright green wall
Image by Daniel von Appen
repetition geometry
Image by Daniel von Appen
white architecture
Image by Luca Bravo

Abstract Geometric Photography:

emp museum seattle united states
Image by Scott Webb
reunion tower in dallas texas
Image by Ash Edmonds

Adding an Element in Geometric Photography:

framed in lines
Image by Brandon Wong
organized and divided with purpose
Image by Martin Reisch
element in architecture
Image by Simone Scarano
lone person and skylight
Image by Alessio Lin

Geometric Photography in Streets and Roads:

Image by Ryoji Iwata
Image by Ryoji Iwata

Looking for Perspectives in Geometric Photography:

orange reflective architecture
Image by Alex wong
Image by Arfan A
architectural perspective
Image by Mihail Ribkin

Minimal Architecture in Geometric Photography:

the m
Image by Simone Hutsch
colorful building corner
Image by Hernan Lucio
minimal architecture
Image by Simone Hutsch
aami park richmond
Image by Mitchell Luo

Geometric Photography in Landscapes:

greenery layers
Image by Henry & Co.
vaihingen an der enz germany
Image by Oliver Roos
patterns found in pismo beach during sunset
Image by Jeremy Bishop

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