33 Photos That Use the Golden Hour For Great Lighting


Outdoor photographers thrive on that time around sunrise or sunset known as the “Golden Hour” as it provides possibly the best quality of light available to us. The warm tones make practically anything look good and while it's predominant in landscape photography, some of the photographs below also demonstrate that the golden hour is a great time for shooting other subjects such as portraits and even macro. We think these photos capture the essence of why the golden hour is a great time to shoot almost anything.

Image by Danigeza

Image by TimHill

Image by Glavo

Image by Pixel2013

Image by Daniel Frank

Image by pbkwee

Image by Kevin Utting

Image by Mike Young

Image by Pieterjan Vandaele

Image by James Jordan

Image by Emily Elisabeth

Image by Umberto Fistarol

Image by John Menard

Image by John Morgan

Image by Jamie Henderson

Image by Dhilung Kirat

Image by Paul David

Image by Rob Pongsajapan

Image by Dhilung Kirat

Image by Kirsty Andrews

Image by Beatrice Murch

Image by Matt Biddulph

Image by Garrett Charles

Image by Mike Young

Image by Mike Young

Image by Beatrice Murch

Image by Adrian Scottow

Image by Sugar Pond

Image by Evanbry

Image by Señor Codo

Image by Rennett Stowe

Image by Bitterroot

Image by Riley Kaminer

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To me, the lighting is “different” in the Fall/Winter vs Spring/Summer. I guess its because the sun gets lower in the sky…….I’ve taken some really nice “golden hour” photos lately this Fall.

I really love these pictures. Yet I’ve not managed to get out at the right hour at the day to shoot them. Perhaps I’ll try an early morning someday soon to finally pull it off!

Sunset RIGHT before and a lil after a storm in florida is my favorite golden hour. The light is almost thick and soft like a veil. Its wonderous!

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